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Uri released on this same date in 2019 and scored really well, but that is because it had excellent Word-of-Mouth. Here it's not necessary that these two movies sustain long enough to take advantage of the open playing field.

Tanhaji will take the better initial because of it's genre and Ajay's mass following, but in terms of overall performance, will the movie be able to hold well enough to score really big?

And Chhapaak will definitely have the social media on it's side in the clash. The topic is a very sensitive one and out of general principle, many people will support it. The question is whether those people will actually show up to watch it. Also, it will be interesting to see if people avoid watching Chhapaak because some might not want to experience such a tale.

For both movies the point of success varies. Tanhaji can take an 12cr opening and Chhapaak can take an 8cr opening, but Chhapaak would definitely be considered as the better performer in that scenario. In terms of overall box office, either movie could strike a chord and go on to be a big success. Tanhaji has big potential in Mumbai and if Chhapaak is able to be crowd-pleasing and inspiring enough, it could genuinely get huge buzz.

For my money, I think both will emerge hits, but Tanhaji will lead from opening day to lifetime.

What's your opinion?
Tanhaji will win. (11 votes, 92%)
Chhapaak will win. (1 vote, 8%)
Chhapaak will surprise everyone and manage to have the bigger opening day. (0 votes)
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The only way Chhapaak can win the clash is if Tanhaji underperforms and Chhapaak gets a better verdict. In that case too, Tanhaji will have a bigger opening and lifetime collections.

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Everything depends on the screenplay and how audiences respond to both movies. I'm going for Tanhaji because everything has been positive from the posters to the trailers which have generated a massive buzz. I know its hard to say because I'm a fan of Ajay Devgn but my only concern is multiplex because I'm not sure how well it will do there but I can assure this film will perform well in the single screens which is Ajay's strength. So Ajay's mass following will contribute. However, another factor is Maharashtra where the movie can potentially be a Hit especially with a recent trailer that was dubbed in Marathi which is a very good strategy.

Now I do think 12cr is very low as an opening so I'm going with 20cr. I mean if movie like Kesari can have a good opening then I'm pretty sure Tanhaji can do the same. Bumper opening in Maharashtra will an advantage in this clash.

As far as Chhapaak goes, this film will do well multiplexes and possibly overseas like most of Deepika movies. Although a sensitive topic which may not appeal to everyone but it will be a small Hit at the Box Office.


Both movies will be Hit but Tanhaji will race through and emerge victorious in this clash. So I think Tanhaji should do at least 200cr which will guarantee it a Hit if word of mouth is good.

answered by Unit Manager (34.4k points)

that 12cr number isn't my prediction, it's just me saying that if the opening days of both movies don't have much difference, then Chhapaak will be considered the more impressive opener as Tanhaji is a much bigger movie.

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So if Chaapak opens better than Tanhaji, then its a lost battle for Tanhaji. As of now Chapaak is having a upperhand as its trailer is more appreciated. Ideally, it should have one sided battle for Tanhaji. Since its a much bigger film with much bigger starcast and appeal. Both the movies have an agenda behind it, Tanhaji is positioned as a feel of nationalism behind if and Chaapak as women empowerment and self acceptance. Both the issue or agenda has hit the chord of audience.

Chaapak is a safe film but the team of Tanhaji will have to do something which will increase the awareness of the film otherwise it will go down as one more unsuccessfull attempt from Ajay Devgan films.

answered by Director (136k points)
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ROI ke hissab se winner chhapaak hogi.............

answered by Camera Operator (9.3k points)
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Tanhaji will win the clash. Chhapak will also be a success though

answered by Super-star (163k points)
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Tanhaji will win with ease

answered by Casting Director (16.8k points)
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I don't like the first trailer of tanhaji that much but the second trailer is outstanding and it's a clear Winner in this clash ,the VFX could have been better but still it's a film with a lot of goosebump moments ,in Maharashtra there will be no competition at all .

answered by Assistant Director (44.8k points)

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