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Sonakshi has huge stardom back in 2013 but after that she just faded away, don't know why?

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Did he also use the word Megastar for Salman?

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No. I did solely because I wanted to use his own title Abhinaya Chakravarthy before his name.

Just waiting to see his name in the title card. For Hindi though it will be just Kichcha Sudeep. Pretty sure for Kannada version title card, his name will come with the title. Rare moment where the actual lead will not have any title but the antagonist will have one.

Kichcha Sudeep's EMOTIONAL & FASCINATING story behind the name 'KICHCHA'.
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1st 5 Films Of Sonakshi- 3 Blockbusters, 1 Hit, 1 Disaster

Next 16 Films Of Sonakshi- 1 Average, 1 Hit, 1 Super Hit, 13 Flops And Disasters

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After those 5 films only she got the opportunity to sign few author backed roles. If it's only box office then her filmography will only be filled with Dabanggs & Rowdy Rathores. Like Katrina Kaif.


Ya But She Isn't Capable Of Carrying Such Roles Hence The Drastic Fall!


Depends on the directors. ARM believed in her way too much when he made her carry the entire film Akira on her shoulders. When it comes to female lead, the whole package matters. And in those plenty of flops, she definitely has given good performance proving she is capable of it provided the makers know how to portray her.

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After just math mathalli, Not a single Kannada film I liked of his although he is a good actor.

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