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Well, there's just a small reference that he will work with Hirani, it's not yet confirmed, but the film with Raj DK is confirmed one. Also he's right there's no need to be negative here as we don't know how the film will turn out.

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Still not confirmed. SRK needed a big movie first instead of this Raj DK one. These days his mind is working backwards. He is choosing all the wrong people and rejecting the right ones.

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Waqt waqt ki baat hai..... Yahi fark hota hai luck ka....


You make your own luck. SRK cannot blame luck if he doesnt make the right choices. Apna kaam to sahi karna padta hai bhai.


Yahi fark hota hai luck ka....

luck se koi almost 20years number 1 per nahi rehta..bhai luck to salman ka achcha tha, jo almost dead karar diya gaya tha before wanted...and suddenly aladdin ka chirag haath lag gaya....south remake (commercial movies ka...and other hand srk changed his path and started doing movies like mnik, ra1, fans etc aamir did less movies and too some of them are like talash, dhobi ghat, SS etc, Hr stopped doing commercial movies after grand success of krish and d2,....salman ko maidan open mila boundry marne ka...there were lack of entertainment movies came in current decade and this benefits bhai.....yahi salman garve, tere naam jaise movie ko 1cr ff bhi nahi dila saka tha...because other actor used to do commercial movies as well so people had choices...


Bhai Kaam Karne ke saath saath luck ka saath bhi jarori hai aur srk ka luck saath nahi hai abhi. he is finished.............

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Its Not Confirmed, Srk-Hirani Film Rumour Was A Feel Good Drama

Hirani's Next Is Biopic Of A Cricketer, Even If Hirani Works With Shahrukh It Might Be A Web Series Because Cricketer Biopic Doesn't Seems To Be With Shahrukh As A Young Actor Will Play That Role


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He is making a film on lala Amarnath so I don't think he will cast SRK in that may be in other projects Lekin tbtk to time nikl jyega


So, #RajkumarHirani is contemplating on two cricket films:

  1. A biopic on #LalaAmarnath, Independent India's FIRST cricket captain, written by #PiyushGupta and #NeerajSingh. He has got a lucrative offer from #FoxStarStudios to helm this film.

  2. A fictional feel-good story, set against the backdrop of cricket written-by #AbhijatJoshi. This one is expected to be in the typical #RajkumarHirani template of storytelling. Will this be his next? Or will it be the first one or just something else? Clarity by January #LetsSee

From what I know, it will/should happen. The Rajkumar Hirani-SRK film should happen, as per the knowledge that I have. But the industry if fickle minded. Keeping fingers crossed.

It can be either or these two, or something else. But they have met, they have mutually agreed to team up, and Hirani is also working on a script for SRK. I have no idea on the subject, or anything else. So let's see and wait till January

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