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I think they are overreacting, Race3 had remo as a director and here they have Rajdk.
Race is a franchise we never wanted Salman to collaborate with, in all probability there won't be Daisy, Bobby, Saquib, Vishal meeshra, lulia . It won't have disaster music album like Race3 nor bhojpuri dialouges.
As they have so much time I don't think it'll be a rushed product and SRK will sleepwalk in the movie like Salman did.
But a Fan has no option other than that if you consider they are yet to get a announcement since last 3 years and they had no release this year and most probably Srk won't have a release next year too.
They had rumours about Hirani, Shankar, Atlee, AAZ, Farah so obviously they would be disappointed seeing Rajdk but I feel he'll make a good movie it may not be universal or Blockbuster but trust Rajdk to make a good movie.
They mayn't be universal acclaimed/commercial but they are good filmmakers.
But this was going to be srk's comeback, is it worth the wait?
And can it mark Srk's comeback? That's the question.

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When did SRK do an out and out action film?
Dilwale was not an action film.

He did romantic film with Imtiaz Ali, which cannot become a universal entertainer.


Roman bro at least Remo had a super hit massy movie and also his first movie ABCD without a starcast gave competition to Akki's Special 26. Raj DK ke paas kya hai? Except a name that can easily be made into a gaali.


@Karan Khan Romance genre is universal. Just that JHMS wasn't. Srk shouldn't do out & out action. But current scenario, why the hell not? Let him reinvent while playing safe.


'Fans demand for an action film & reject. Demand for romantic film with all King of romance chants - reject them'
I am commenting on the above sentence.

Well I wanted him to do Atlee's film even before Hirani's because that will be the film which will present SRK the star, which everyone loves to watch. So an out and out action will be best choice. I wonder why he chose Raj and DK over Atlee.

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And Here Are Aamir Fans, All We Want Is Aamir To Do 1 Film Per Year, We Dont Care About Director Or Starcast!

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Victor yaad hai na??


Hmm We Had Our Fears Regarding Him But Still We Were Hopeful Of An Industry Hit Right From The Start Ofcourse He Let Us Down Thats A Different Thing


abhi bhi agar if he comes on board again... sab amir fans darr jayenge


Hmm Ab Toh Starting Se Hi Dareinge But He Is Never Comming Back- Aamir Made A Resolution In 2018 To Learn From His Mistake


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Suhas bhai ek faraq hai. Salman was doing amazingly well when Race 3 was announced, while SRK has had such horrible movies ke agar Hirani ke saath movies kar rahe hote tab bhi main doubt karta. Otherwise I was confident on even Imtiaz.

I wish all of us Khan fans can go back to trusting our stars and they can stop breaking it.

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Righty said bro..

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