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I don't watch movies just for cameos. But these two I'm interested in regardless. Though I still won't be able to see them in a cinema as 2020 main ban khatam hone ki koi hope nahi hai.

Maybe it's for the best as the movies this year that I most wanted to watch have been disappointing.


Bhai Kya tum Pakistan se hi Kya? Kyunki Bollywood par ban to wahi laga hai.


Yes bro.........


Hope for the best......... Govt. Understand the situation and lift the ban with happy relations in future....

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Chalo isi bahane I'll get to see an SRK movie... No matter how bad... Abhi toh yehi soch ke khush hota hu.. that I can watch Khans movies in theatres... Waise bhi i watch at most 6 7 movies in a year...

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Bhai Yeh Raj aur DK ki hi film karni thi toh itna sab drama kyu?...2 year rest, reading script, I want to make movie what my fans want to see, I want to make action movie, bhai akshay to is tarah ke saal me 4 movies sign kar leta hai...that too with guarantee of success....with better quality... Ayushman also sign similar type of movies without making any noices...SRK was behaving like he is going to sign avatar kind of movie.... if you want to make commercial movie, make it with commercial director, dont make it with kashyab, bharadwag, raj dk, motwane, imtiyaz, manish ....they r good in producing small budget movie...we have already seen the result ra1, JHMS, Zero....if he does small budget movie with raj and dk which finishes 3 month like dear zindagi then it is fine..but spending huge money on this small time film makers is again big blunder.....people are leaning from their earlier mistake but this man dont want to be...his own ego that hurt his career...

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Shahrukh Is Comming After 2 Years Gap In 2021 With This Gareeb Director And Srk Fans Were Dreaming About AAZ And Hirani Who Are Busy With Tiger 3 And Munna Bhai 3 And Wont Be Working With Shahrukh

But They Should Be Confident That Shahrukh Can Deliver Blockbuster With Any Director, If They Themselves Dont Have This Confidence Then...

Game Over

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Matlab SRK ne decide kr liya hai ab sare experiment kr hi dalne hai koi bhi bachna nahi chaiye

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As we have been fearing all along, it's the end for SRK.

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Why people are being negative here, Go Goa Gone and Happy Ending were good movies. This movie will be action thriller, so genre is good. Hope for the best !!

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hirani or unhirani....srk's movies' quality never changes......so what.... at least he's doing a movie

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I reject this movie, i trust these good for nothing, piece of shit, doofus directors, i reject this union.
This movie will release, I'll watch it in theater,that's it, i have nothing more to do with this, Infact i don't even consider this as a movie, it's a joke and a khilwad with fans emotions.

And anyone who comments under this answer will get it, so leave me alone.

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