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Apparently it's undigestable for some people that srk in his worst phase has matched Salman who is his best phase in a certain statistic. Sorry guys, that's the way it is.

Seriously what is the basic IQ required to be in this forum? Zin, buddy you need to see to it.
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he is still SRK.. still one third of the magnanimous KHANS... give him a proper release.. he will create a record... fanboys say many things but this is the holy truth.. you can't destroy in 2-3 years what you built over 25 years

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Naah Salman has defeated SRK almost every year this decade interms of opening pull.
According to boi
2010 Dabangg>>>Mnik
2011 Bodyguard>Raone
2012 Ett>>>Jthj
2013 No releases from Salman
2014 Hny>>Kick
2015 PRDP>>Dilwale
2016 Sultan>>>Fan
2017 Tzh>>>Raees
2018 Race3>>Zero
Srk's worst phase started from 2016 even till then he was below Salman in opening, above all are according to boi and even at same circumstances result would have not been much different except Bodyguard and raone opening could have been almost par.
Kick is a better opener than Hny.
Dilwale is a better or par opener than Bajrangi.

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Kick in real terms was a 30cr opener on Nonholiday according to boi, so it could have easily breached past 36cr of Hny on a national holiday. It's actually 3rd best opener for Salman this decade after Ett and Dabangg.
BB was 31cr and Dilwale was 20cr and I still gave you benefit of doubt considering all external factors ban and protests apart from clash.

Raees could have never matched tiger, it fall short by 14cr and kaabil did only 8.
Raone can be a bigger opener but that was biggest Indian movie of that time I am comparing that with our normal masala because it's year wise that's for your year wise.
Regarding ready I have ignored Jhms too because I am taking biggest opener that year.


Roman what was ETT real value when it dropped from 30cr to 13cr..and mnik has better opener than veer despite not released in biggest circuit like Maharashtra on first day..one is action movie and another is drama...in 2011 there are two released of both satrs...you should compare apple to apple means movies released on similar circumstances non holiday that is ready and don2....don2 14.7cr while ready was 13.5 cr....it is only fool will compare diwali day released (ra1) with national holiday released (Bodyguard)....
BB was 31cr and Dilwale was 20cr and I still gave you benefit of doubt considering all external factors ban and protests apart from clash.

on which site BB has done 31cr.....Dilwale on non holiday with clash with another big budget, protest has done similar or slightly less business than of national holiday released PRDP in West bengal, nizam andhra, ** and mysore....this shows the stardom of srk

Raees could have never matched tiger, it fall short by 14cr and kaabil did only 8.
yes...but by then srk lost his stardom...if it was released before 2016 then sure it have done similar under similar circumstances... but still raees would have done 30 cr on 2017 with similar screen, release period and ATP of tzh.....


Shaanti banaye rakho sir all are according to boi and you don't believe boi so we are not on same page.
Kick 30
BB 31
Nonholiday real opening value by Boi


Kick 30
BB 31

then how about dilwale, raees, ra1, jthj, Krishsh3 according to Boi....or Boi is just paid site who gives real value collection of only bhai's and akki's movies..

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In This Century All Films Of Aamir In Lead Role Were Bumper/Excellent Openers Except Good Opener Talaash And Average Opener Dil Chahta Hai

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Problem with him is the volume of movies.
It has been both, advantage and disadvantage.


Hmm I Agree Low Volume Has Resulted In Both Profit As Well As Loss For Him.

Since His Debut In 1988 Till 2001 Everything Was Good, He Did Atleast 1 Film Per Year But Then He Couldn't Work For 2 Years In 2002-03 Due To Personal Problems Like Divorce And Ever Since He Made A Comeback His Volume Has Come Down:

2004-2009: 6 Films
2010-2017: 6 Films
2018-2021: 3 Films

Hope He Does 1 Film Per Year From 2020 Onwards Till Retirement, This Is Perfect Volume For Him!

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