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BIGGG NEWS... Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn to collaborate for the fifth installment of #Golmaal franchise #GolmaalFive... Produced by Rohit Shetty Picturez in association with Reliance Entertainment, #GolmaalFive will be directed by Rohit Shetty. https://t.co/dTZtSDFZCl
Source Link: https://twitter.com/taran_adarsh/status/1200640417890328576?s=19
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Satte Pe Satta remade as Golmaal 5 after HR said no?

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Lead Starcast Should Be- Ajay, Kareena, Arshad, Tushar, Kunal, Shreyas, Sharman

Honestly Only Golmaal 1 And 2 Were Great, 3 And 4 Were Just Decent

Golmaal 5 Can Be Biggest Hit In Comedy Genre

Upcoming Lineup Of Rohit Masss Shetty- Sooryavanshi 1, Golmaal 5, Singham 3, Simbaa 2, Sooryavanshi 2, SSS Merger

By 2025 He Shall Become 3rd Director To Have 15 Hits In Career

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Bhai 2 was the worst one critically and commercially.. 1st and 3rd are the best ones and fourth was decent


Mujhe Personally 2nd Wali Achi Lagi Ofcourse 1st Waley Ke Level Ki Toh Nahi Thi But I Found It Btr Than 3rd And 4th

4th One Was Weakest But Still Found It 1 Time Watch, Much Better Than Crap Housefull 4 (Only Housefull 2 Was Good In That Series, 1 And 3 Were Average)


Bhia u really like 2? it was torture....3rd was best entertainer...1st was better in terms of quality but 3 rd was best in terms of entertaining...


Yes I Watched It When I Was In School I Found It Funny So Ya Liked 2nd Part Though 1st Was Best, I Found 3rd One Also Entertaining, 4th One Was Entertaining In Some Parts.

Im Not A Strict Audience Time Pass Ho Jaaye Im Satisfied

But I Hate Boring Films Which Dont Have Entertainment Value (I Get Entertainment From Any Genre Film But It Needs To Be Feature Film) Bcz Thats Only Reason I Watch Film For And Also Hate Pukeworthy Films Like Housefull 4 Which Though Has Some Entertainment But Also Has Scenes/Dailogues Which Make Me Feel Like Vomiting, I Also Cant Watch Films Which Have Disturbing Scenes (Very Tragic Scenes) Bcz I Get Depressed!

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Golmaal 4 disappointed me big time hopefully this will be good

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All the best to Ajay Devgan and team

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Hope its better than the previous one.

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Only golmaal 1 was good movie. All other are crap.

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Golmaal - 4.5/5
Golmaal returns - 2/5
Golmaal 3 - 3.5/5
Golmaal Again 2.5/5

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It seems you and me are alone on this but even i like golmaal 3 more than golmaal 2

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Congrats to Ajay for his 3rd blockbuster and Rohit for his 5th blockbuster and for Golmaal series being the first franchise with 3 blockbuster entries.

Hope they bring Sharman Joshi back.

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Its 4th for Ajay Devgn. Phool aur kaante also declare blockbuster.....


Wishing good luck to them..


Rahul, why dont you answer on the post itself instead of expressing your opinion as a comment on someone else's answer?

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Wise choice for Rohit Shetty to do this movie as he needs a big break from his cop movies. It will be bigger than prequels but that leaves a question, will he do Singham 3 later? The way things are shaping up for Sooryavanshi with the cameo appearance makes me assume he will jump ahead and do the crossover after Golmaal 5. Nonetheless, G5 will be another Blockbuster from duo from Ajay Devgn & Rohit Shetty. Ajay's line up of movies is good...........

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We want each 2 year a comedy film on Golmaal Series.....

Its a blockbuster fren.... And wish G5 also join that club.

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