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Looking forward ......

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i will be the happiest guy ever if that happens....... and in terms of BO this movie will be targeting 4cr footfalls. if its a regular ALR movie which ofcourse it will be if he's making it with salman khan..... and salman khan agreeing to it.....

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So his next target after SRK is Salman

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He'll announce a movie on his birthday or Jan 1.
He should go by instincts but looking at how pathetically annand presented a Superstar in Zero, I have lost all faith in him.
I mean let alone the disjoint meaningless 2nd half, who the hell shows a Superstar cheat a handicapped girl after using her for another Girl.
It was far more entertaining than Jhms or other SRK bundles but they didn't tarnished His image like this movie did, what did he wanted to prove by that?
Our audience isn't mature enough to accept such thing from a Superstar.
I am happy Salman rejected this movie.
Salman bhai is a larger than life hero for his fans so ALR dare not make such stupidity by him because then the rejection will be far bigger than zero.
Just imagine People couldn't accept Salman getting beaten in Tubelight despite the fact that he was portrayed as a Mentally unstable Manchild, had Zero been starred by him the result could have been worse.

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Congrats to Salman fans. Ab dono SRKians aur Salmaniacs milke iss samosa-man ko troll kareinge.

All jokes aside this could be interesting. Have heard its a comedy movie with double role for Sallu.

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If it's on the lines of Ranjhaana, TWM etc it would work well.

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No. I like only action or pure comedy for Salman till he reaches 60.

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It will be good movie, it's only with SRK that these directors's loose their minds.

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What could I say for this?

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It's good...
Loved twm and ranjna

Hope he doesn't disappoint this time

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