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Choti Choti Baaton pe Badi badi movies se Offend hojate hain jobless India

Take a look at these search results:
in Cinematic Discussion by Assistant Director (50.2k points)
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Nope. Not gonna waste time on jobless hags.



Saale bh@kton iss,time par kahan margaye thay ..

9 Answers

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Best answer

Tremendous negativity for Khans. I wonder if any other actor had scenes like these in his movie, would such protests happen?

by Star (156k points)
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Joker had a song Akshay dancing with half naked sadhus


Not Just Joker Even Bhool Bhulaiyaa Infact There Are Many Such Examples



Double standard & hypocrisy of bh@kts ....

+2 votes

Still some shameless idiots will claim there is no negativity against khans
Its right here look at those tweets calling Salman and also the whole bollywood anti-hindu

by Assistant Director (49.7k points)

@Rancho , Akki sir ne toh Bhool Bhulaaya mein Ladki sadhuon ke sath lust bhara song kiya tha yahan toh kam se kam inspirational song hai.


Han Lekin Woh Aam Ache Se Khilata Hai Isiliye Usko Koi Kuch Nahi Kahega


Agreed. Shits like HF4 are meant to inspire youth. But D3 par bawaal karna hai.

+2 votes

We all know the reason behind this is akki fan + bjp IT cell..
akki without bjp IT cell is nothing..
his songs getting so many views ,likes ,trending with many tweets ,but yet he doesnt have 1 HGOTY OR other major records a superstar must have..

anyways this wont affect movie a bit neither it will affect khan starers as twitter users r mostly jobless and only spreading hate...

by Location Manager (6.1k points)

Suddenly Akshay Is Being Portrayed As Much Bigger Star Than He Actually Has Been, Its All PR Stuff Plus Khan Haters See Him As Some Messiah Who Would Establish Hindu Rule In Bollywood (Even Though He Himself Isn't Hindu Let Alone Being Indian) Hence Support Him. All These Things Gained Momentum In Last 2-3 YearsYears.

You Can Manipulate On Social Media But Not At Box Office
Yahan Sabka Asli Stardom Aur Box Office Pull Dikh Hi Jaata Hai!


At present he is a big star no doubt,because all his movies r success..
11 successful movies in 3-4 years is not joke...but only thing he will miss in his career is biving major records like highest grosser of the year,day1 records,3cr ff etc..
but he has a big line up ..all his upcoming movies r luking big grossers,specially suryavanshi,prithviraj..if he pulls of 300cr then he will definitely be shown as big star than salman as salmans line up nd choice of movies seems to be poor now..

+1 vote

Khan Era 1988-2018

Now Its Very Tough For Khans To Survive As Top Stars Infact Even As Stars, There Is Extreme Negativity Against Them, People Have Started Hating Them And Smaller Stars Are Getting Advantage Because Of This

Situation Is Getting Tougher Each Year, Im Fearing For Laal Singh Chaddha!

by Assistant Director (49k points)

these twitter trends mean nothing.. these keyboard warriors do not emulate paying public

LSC will be an ATG.. it has to be.. Along with Radhe being second highest grosser...


Baat twitter trend ki nahin there's a big section of audience base
actually exists which believe khans are anti national only due to the fuel by a very Small section policies.


those illiterate fuckss dont matter anyway because they are not educated enough... a sane person does not invest so much of his mind in these things... they hear things about a movie being good and they go see it

thats why the multiplex audience matters.. they can make or break any movie..


Hope So Bollywood Doesn't Gets Effected Due To Such Ridiculous Stuff And Actors/Movies Get Their Due Based On Merit As Has Been The Case Since 1930s Aalam Aara!

+1 vote
  • Boycatt Bajrangi Bhaijaan -

Result - All Time Blockbuster

  • Boycatt Tiger Zinda Hai -

Result - Blockbuster

  • Boycatt Dabangg 3 -

Now Everybody knows the result Blockbuster Loading After heavy negativity...

by Unit Manager (37.8k points)

en sab se kuch farak nahi padta audience ko , agar dabangg 3 entertaining hue to 300 cr paar kar jayegi.

+1 vote

If these things would have ever worked then SRK's every movie might have become BB, not only the one which were good and had entertainment for masses.
If you think that movies like Zero, Race 3, TOH deserved any better then, God bless you. There were 10s of such trends during the 1st week of HF4 still its a big success because it was a entertaining movie.
If any of the Khans makes a good movie it will surely work irrespective of how many trends goes on board. Negativity is just in the mind of their fans because Khans have failed on basic level since last few years i.e. to deliver a film with good content.

by Production Accountant (24.5k points)
+1 vote

From 1st day of trailer release of Dabangg 3 bot @krk is doing paid negativity by calling it will be a flop ...

by Editor (89.8k points)
0 votes

2-3k fans milkar kar lete hain yeh trend wagaira... movie achi banayi toh koi nahi rok sakta

by Unit Manager (37k points)
0 votes

Awaiting Dabangg 3 to watch again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again .......

by Editor (81k points)

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