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+4 votes

in Music & Promos by All Time best! (266k points)
97% Accept Rate

8 Answers

+4 votes

I did like the audio after a few listenings.. video is fun too.. dhadang dhang type video... good one

by Unit Manager (36.9k points)
+4 votes

Salman's voice sounds good in the video.
Didn't expect Salman bhai will do that Ghutne step, it reminds of Masala Bollywood age of 2010-12 when Dhadang Dhadang, Saree ke fall se used to rule charts.
Their chemistry is good so do the hook step let's see how they have shaped up Sonakshi's character because she just lost a child and she was a shy type girl.
Overall It's a hit.

by Assistant Director (50k points)

No shaping up. They've totally screwed up her character. This is entirely Chulbul's film. Saiee would be presented the way Sona was presented in Dabangg 1.

If they had understood the character of Rajjo, they wouldn't make her dance like this or even behave like this. There was delicate detailing in Dabangg 1 which Dabangg 2 took forward. Except for the bit where she danced with Munni in Pandeyji Seeti song, she was never made to break character.

This is for namesake Rajjo. Rest all is Prabhudeva's idea of heroines. You can see the same stuff from Action Jackson's Sona or Rowdy Rathore's Sona. These promos showcasing her has zero grace of Rajjo. Sonakshi could do nothing here when she hasn't given much choice. Hopefully it is only in the songs Sonakshi's Rajjo breaks character & not in the screenplay.


Yeah seriously I totally loved Sonakshi's character in Dabangg, it shouldn't be wasted like this though we have seen parts of this song only in trailer, there was nothing regarding rajjo in trailer except that scene where Salman was beating a gunda who gatecrashed and there Sona was teary eyed so I hope they have retained the same rajjo.

+3 votes

Video is much better than audio

by Production Designer (14.4k points)
+2 votes

30 year old naughty Salman Khan with great steps, like it

by Editor (80.8k points)
+1 vote

the music of this song is straight from prem ratan dhan payo...and not just that..... the set is also of PRDP lol....exactly the same.
BTW its a terrible song....... and even worse is the video..... and if that wasn't enough...the dance , choreography abomination ...and what is salman khan doing in this song lol...... it was like someone dared in those khatron ka khilaadi show..... put entire colony of killer red ants in his pants...and he's gonna have to move shake kill them without using his hands....or anything else.

pull out the tape...kill the video...and burn it down to ashes ....and then destroy the ashes..... and then destroy the memory of destroying the ashes ...... and then leave the planet.

by Super-star (160k points)

kill them damn ants.....

0 votes

Song is okayish and its typical Prabhu Deva Style. I doubt audience is todays time will like a song like this. I think even Dabbang 2 had better songs and trailer.

by Director (134k points)
0 votes

Hate the use of word blouse & that repeat sound of lips ...

by Editor (89.7k points)

It still has belly button-wa dikhake.

0 votes

Bakwaas........but still 40cr opening day is on.

by Assistant Director (58.4k points)