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in Upcoming Releases by Set Designer (1.8k points)
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I'm expecting the opening to be 20cr although I'd be more than happy if it does more. Looking at its appeal in terms of the story, I see it doing very well in the Maharashtra region with 200cr. If the budget is 150cr then it will have to cross 200cr as its lifetime collections.

by Production Accountant (28.9k points)
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Uri does 244 cr in same release period , I think expectations should be high from your side bro


You said in the other post that it will struggle at the Box Office. Why makes you think that? I wish to hear your answer.


That was other way around I mean to say that other movies will find hard to touch it's collection hope u get ur answer know

+1 vote

Either 225+cr or below 130cr

by Executive Producer (66.6k points)

130cr would be terrible and it won't guarantee this movie a Hit if the budget is 150cr. It will have do 200cr.


I know bro but I only see two ends for this movie.. Either a big hit or a huge miss that's y predicted these numbers..

+1 vote

main pathar pay lakeer kar k keh sakta hoon.... it's content will be accepted .... like no other.... its a guaranteed super hit / blockbuster...if its budget is not more than 200cr.

by Super-star (160k points)
0 votes

100cr sure hai but rest depend on story........

by Location Manager (8k points)
0 votes

It will be superhit at the worst case

by Editor (80.7k points)
0 votes

It will do good (180-200cr+) bcoz maharashtra circuit might love the movie, but not huge (270-300cr) bcoz ajay devgn's pull in metro multiplexes and south India circuits is not strong which is required for big grossers

by Set Decorator (1.3k points)
0 votes

given Ajay's mass following and the fact that Uri did 240cr in the same period, I'll have to say 300cr.

by Assistant Director (58.3k points)

I See What You Did There



0 votes

If made well, then 250cr plus, if not it will end with 150cr

by Star (156k points)
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If movie is anywhere near to the history we learned in school. Then it will do more than 100 crore alone in Maharashtra.

by Casting Director (18.9k points)

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