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Tanhaji -- Official trailer

As Ajay Devgn's biggest fan on ItsBoxOffice, I present the Tanhaji trailer. Hope you enjoy....................

This trailer is absolutely amazing with stunning VFX & BGM hence it's perfect for a grand-scale film. I think the action sequence are fantastic and looks smooth for a war movie hence it looks massy.

I can guarantee that Ajay Devgn & Saif Ali Khan fight scenes is going to be one of the best faceoffs in Indian Cinema. Both actors will give are going to give one of the best performances of their career because they look terrific in the trailer.

You can rest assured that this movie will do huge in Maharashtra with a bumper opening and it needs to do 200cr if the budget is 150cr. Hope this film does well at the Box Office because Ajay Devgn deserves a Blockbuster more than anything.

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Not the movie I would be excited to watch in theater.

Ajay Devgn - Saif Ali Khan performances are to watch out for. Having Kajol is just icing on the cake.

This should do well cosidering the existing scenario.


It will be for the masses and classes.

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one of the best of the decade. scale is really huge. saif and ajay look great esp saif. should do great in maharashtra belt. hope it does over 250cr (not a prediction, a wish).

ajay is a daring man, something which everyone should admire.

om raut direction looks good, something which shivaay lacked.

watched it 3 times.

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Yeah, I admire him very much as my favourite actor. As a fan, I hoped one day he will do a period drama movie and Tanhaji is perfect for him. Marathis also love Ajay Devgn and he has mass following in Mumbai and other parts of Maharastra. I think the movie is going to be huge in that region without fail.

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Great trailer production values are top notch

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looking good.........

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there are only two daring actors/producers/filmmakers in entire bollywood....srk and ajay devgan.... but ajay is on 1st.

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Superb trailer.. Looks far better than many previous such movies.. No much negatives to say and to mention the excellent BGM..

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Didn't find it that good, maybe expectations were too high. I found Saif trying really hard to play a menacing villain but feel nahi ayi.

I think this movie can become Ajay's 2nd highest grosser. Can beat TD's total. Let's see what Chhapaak presents.

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Hoping for a blockbuster or superhit

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This is gonna be huge. Ajay and Saif are the highlights here. The latter looks menacing in a good way minus the growling and grunting of Padmavat, the former is always a class act unlike the mediocre lead of Panipat. The visuals are top notch, AD hasn't compromised on the scale either. Watching this in theatre 100%.

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Looks Grand with good vfx & great production values ..

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Tbh i felt something is missing......i don't know what.Ajay and Saif looks really good having Kajol there also is a bonus but still i felt some uniqueness is missing.

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Will cross 100 cr in Maharashtra....

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Average trailer...Not interested in this type of movies

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Movie will struggle at the box office


What makes you think it struggle at the Box Office? The trailer is well received and if the film is accepted then it will do well. Worst that could happen if people see it as a propaganda film which some have criticised because of the way the Mughals are portrayed as evil.


i think it will take a great opening and rest depends on the content

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I didnt like it that much... Felt superficial.. Also it looks like an unfinished product from the VFX point of view

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Trailer response:

Ajay Devgn is trying something useless again. He tried Lord Shiva once rescuing a child, and now and ethnic group leader trying to win over something. If he has investments, why don't he find useful scripts?

Saif - Forceful, mediocre, and senseless.

Movie - I can't rate it now

Kajol - Where is she? Dumb dialogues??

Ratings: 1/5

Disappointed as Ajay, Saif and Kajol fan. Love them all, the money is wasted.

Verdict: Maxima is success, could be a colossal disappointment.

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