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You said
Sultan will remain Salman's last 300cr movie failed
Tzh will be a 250cr grosser failed by 90cr
GST Seriously
Even Gross wise Tzh is Salman's biggest grosser in India.
We all knew Race3 is going to fail
We all knew Bharat was risky and can be a blunder.
It's nothing extraordinary that you have predicted.
So let me make it simple
Predict Radhe


leave this topic bro. many predictions from dangal to jhms, race 3 to bharat were right.

as far as radhe goes, depends upon clash.


Thik hai na D3 predict karlo
Kitna karega


less than simmba.

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That is bad. Like really really bad. Booty shake karne ka idea kis genius ka tha. Anyway, I do know that there is a section of the audience who will make tictoc videos of them shaking their booty to this song. Sad but true.

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And it's really funny how they want that sleeve step to become the next belt shaking step.

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lol it was funny and good....i like it. nothing like a real chartbuster or anything but good watch.

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Salman khudki hi kabar khod raha hai....

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my god the vfx.. why the vfx even in simple dance songs?

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First the song release strategy and now vfx, I'm telling you, it's the RCE effect.

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Who the hell choreographed this step. Who wants to see Salman shaking ***. The Belt scene & now this. This film is bad.

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Simply amazing ,hud hud dabangg

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Good to see Salman doing something new and pushing Indian cinema forward.

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Its brilliant Songs and Fantastic Video Songs With A Pure Madness Of Megastar Salman Khan. Now Dabangg 3 Takes An Earth Shattering Opening On Non Holiday And First Day Should Cross Around 37.50 Cr And Opening Weekend Set A New All Time Opening Weekend Record.

Megastar Salman Khan Is Back With His Favourite Action Genre......... And Final Verdict Is Blockbuster Or Even Better.........

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Means less than TZH adjusting for gst and ticket price

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Makers did not reveal much of signature steps of Chulbul and edited it with some scenss even u have seen there was no lip sync but audio was in the background so don't b so brutal and judgemental before knowing facts, brabhu has done fab job and that was visible in the trailer, music is Super hit especially 4 songs and I am sure videos will b fine and engaging, here majority is anti Salman except few so negativity is justified coz Salman ka Stardom hi unparalleled hai jo ink star k bas ki baat nahi Smje God Father

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I was thinking same.Song was not in synchronized with video


Signature steps are kept under wraps as of now


if film underperforms, tanveer bhai will say that songs were not good, trailer did not bring that much hype...etc......or am i thinking too much?


U thinking too much mahn I won't say that things for Dabangg 3

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Decent. I liked it. But then, nothing till now which one can call amazing. Was expecting more.

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Yeah baby shake that booty.....

answered by Production Accountant (27.4k points)
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Ye Salman ko ho kya gaya hai..Dabangg3 in route to be biggest disaster ever

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if housefull can be superhit than this can't be a disaster.

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