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Dabangg title - 3/5
Naina - 2.5/5
Yu karke 1.5/5
Munna - 3/5
Awara - 3.5/5 wanted more of this song whn it ended ..
Habibi - 1.5/5
Overall an average 2.5/5

answered by Cinematographer (92.8k points)
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Laaa layyaan akkhaan ban k Mann k qareebi
Habibi k nain nikle frebi
Frebi re frebi frebi what a song mahn now here is my final rank for Dabangg 3 album

Munna Badnam 9/10
Hud Hud Dabangg 9/10
Unse Naina 8/10
Awara 8/10
Habibi k Naina 8/10
Yu Karke 5/10
Those who r criticizing Dabangg 3 album r those bunch of idiots who like every Tom **** nd Harry kinda songs of ranveer, Ranbir nd Shahidz movies if Naina, frebi Naina nd awara would Ranbir, ranveer or Shahidz songs they would go gaga over them But Salman se problem hai


answered by Production Accountant (27.3k points)
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Awara is my favorite
Munna Badnaam hua will be a chartbuster

answered by Editor (84.1k points)
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  • Munna Badnam Hua - Instant Chartbuster

  • Title Track - Instant Chartbuster

  • Naina Lade - Slow Burner But Pick Up Pace Till Release And Chartbuster.

  • Awaara - Good Song

2 Instant Chartbuster And 2 Good Songs With Good Trailer Opening Is Huge And Its A Huge Blockbuster On Its Way....

answered by Assistant Director (40.6k points)
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hud hud 3/5
munna and awara 2.5/5
rest 0

overall 2/5

they should remove that yu karke and habibi else public will leave the movie midway, just like d2.

wajid sajid have officially raped the word 'naina'.

answered by Unit Manager (36.3k points)

Ju jake zero aur jhms dekh

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2/5 For the originality.
Fav from the album: Habibi

answered by Camera Operator (11.2k points)
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Awara 4.5/5
Dabangg title 4/5
Munna Badnaam 3.5/5
Yu Karke 3.5/5 (Liked it after a few hearings)
Naina Lade 1/5
Habibi 0.5/5

Overall a usual album for Salman. 2-3 chartbusters and other good/average songs.

answered by Unit Manager (38.5k points)

Expected more from its album but to be honest it is average....

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Munna Badnaam Hua By A Distance

Actually Its Only Song Which I Played Multiple Times

I Loved It

answered by Assistant Director (50.9k points)

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