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Amir fan Rancho had admitted Reshma to be big force and looks like he is afraid of her..He feels akshay movie would crush aamir

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This kind of jokes not allowed here in the forum. Banned it.

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Mai nahi bolraha hu. Rancho bolraha hai

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Improve your comprehension skills. Reshma doesnt act on behalf of Akshay nor would she be writing the script of BP. It will be massacre for BP next xmas

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Tere rancho ne khud mana hai..maine kuch nahi kaha


Mera Rancho?


Uski support k liye aats hai hamesha mere comment pe

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You Need To Take English Tution As Soon As Possible Bcz You Failed You Read And/Or Understand Whats Written In That Post

"Ofcourse Major Credit For That Goes To Salman Himself Bcz Your Manager Wont Work In Films On Your Behalf And She Wont Artificially Produce Stardom And Box Office Pull For You."

"Ofcourse He Isn't Enjoying The Kind Of Run At Box Office Which Salman Enjoyed And He Isn't Even At Top Stardom Wise Which Salman Was But Thats Bcz Of Akshay's Own Limitations In Terms Of Stardom And Box Office Pull."


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