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pretty good this.. all the dialogbaaz people now have a chance to get their dialogue featured in a movie

@Grand Nova.. this one's for you


Imagine Chulbul Pandey and Grand Nova having a face off. Hahahahahhahaha. Will be epic.


Nova will win the war of words but will get beaten to bits by Pandey ji for his wisecracks.


lol my Jargons are beyond the comprehension of most mortal beings....

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Hum tumhare raaste ke woh roda hain jo tumhare jeevan ka ghoda rok dega


To der kis baat ki hai laga do rastey, humein bhi teday rastey pe chalne ki aadat hai

Ye ache lagte but I doubt kisi ka crack hoga.
Ye CA se bhi jyada difficult hai.

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I think they will create a fake user and then use their own dialgue


Most probably wohi hoga

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lol who designed this promotional strategy .... how is this gonna help the movie..... if someone is already fan enough to participate in this ....you better believe he's gonna watch your movie..... so whats the point....

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