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* Singer - Baadshah, Kamaal Khan, Mamta Sharma

* Music - Sajid Wajid

Source Link: https://youtu.be/889Eg3d3Bys
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Song would've been better without any rap portion.


@Suhas i agree ..
Overall Dabangg 3 < Dabangg 2 ...


Let's ...see.....


Till Film Release -

Munna Badnam Hua - Huge Chartbuster

Naina Lade - Chartbuster

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finally something good has come our way.... will blast this in gym now

4/5 from me

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Finally a great song. Chartbuster banega ye. 4/5.

P.S: The song would have been much better without Baadshah's rap part

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Superb song..chartbuster

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Chartbuster of the year .

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Baadshah Shouldn't Have Been In This Song Instead Of Increasing The Quality He Decreases It, Anyways Its Best Song Of The Album And I Would Say 4/5

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Average song, .... Munni badnaam was far far better than this one .

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Tanik baat suniye its charbuster song

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Expectations are high....
But another let down....

Unnecessary sequel.... finishing the brand.. value

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Biggest chart buster of the year easily along with Hud Hud Dabangg

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wajid should have sung this song..... he's there in industry to sing salman khan's character elevating songs..... jalwa from wanted , bang bang bang from hello, .... that radhe track..... this song would have sounded real good with wajid's voice.... anyways this song's fate is dependent on movie's reception...... it can become chartbuster for long if movie is accepted otherwise...its another TAALI maar de hathi veera from Veer.

BTW havn't heard other two songs yet....from the album.... dont know their quality.... but there is enough time and by the time.... movie is about to release...even the worst songs from the album will feature in top 5 lists everywhere..... but thats because of salman khan...not because of quality of songs.

as for this song..... only repeat hearing can give it ..... 3/5 or 3.5/5
for now...2/5

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What has Salman Khan done? Why? Does he think recreating this song will make others forget about the original version with Malika Arora?

It's terrible and these so-called rappers like Badshah don't even have talent.

Munni Badnaam Hui was an iconic song. This classic >>>> Munna Badnaam Hua

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Another song bites the dust. The irritating voice of Kamaal Khan tuined it. This film is going Race 3 way.

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Don't worry till film release this song hits a huge Chartbuster and you are gonna in coma after Seeing Dabangg 3 Blockbuster success result.


The movie is not looking good. Hope It succeeds otherwise Radhey will be affected too.

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WTF. Dabangg 3 album is so damn mediocre as of now. Sajid-Wajid made chartbusters in first & second Dabangg but here they are just worst.

Dabangg 3 is going Race 3 way.

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not up to the mark..................

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