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I don't get the idea of Bollywood to drain Punjab , I mean that's just a 15-20cr market, there's a lot bigger market in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Central India and UP left to be explored but na we will keep on penetrate the already saturated Punjab (Which is even lesser contributer than Haryana).
We'll force Punjabi lyrics and rap no matter what in every Bollywood songs (I really miss old Bollywood) and Punjabi background in every movie.
Imagine forcing Punjabi flavor in a movie like Kabir singh, a delhite or Punjabi will easily predict that a Punjabi girl will never bow down to a boy's advances so easily but naah producer will ask the director to make the girl Punjabi and the South director who has no *** idea about a Punjabi girl will make such vulnerable character.
Explore Maharashtra which can generate 15 times more collection than Punjab.
PS-it has no correlation with the post.

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Laal Singh Chaddha Is Giving Me Vives Of Classic All Time Blockbuster And Industry Hit PK In Which Aamir Gave Best Performance Of His Career And One Of The Best Performance Of All Time

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This Is Just 1 Look, There Will Be 5 Different Looks Of Aamir And Kareena In The Film!

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Perfectionist for a reason ...

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Very Simple Looks Which Remind Me Another Classic Film By Aamir Khan. Both Kareena And Aamir Looks Perfect For The Film.

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Perfaketionist for a reason..A mega flop awaited....

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