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Bockbusters/Record Opener/ Two Cr Footfalls 2

Solo Blockbusters/Record Opener/Two Cr Footfalls 1

Bumper Openers- Around 5​​​​​

All Time Blockbuster, All Time Grosser, Highest Grosser Biggest Hit And Most Watched Film Of Year Decade And Century, Record Distributor Share, All Circuit Record Breaker, 2.5 Cr Footfalls, Highest And Biggest Opener Of Decade, Record 1st Weekend And Week, Highest Single Day, Record Advance, Highest Openings Of The Year 0

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See Akki is just a mildly popular Bollywood star, it's just that his fans overhype him comparing him with Khans, he's nowhere near them.
If you see his career carefully from day 1 , he has followed the trend to the extent that it gets outdated.
Action movies were fetching huge initials so he kept on doing that, his hits were chindi though used to open well.
He crossed 15cr in 2004 that too with Salman which khans already crossed decades back.
He lacks good music albums that adds longevity to an Actors fanbase, till date Family and female audience prefers a khan movie over akki despite all those anti national tags khans name have been attached with, akki completely fall behind khans in this audience base.
He's there khans in masses.
He kept on doing comedies in 2000's and masala in 2010's till the extent that even his good masala movies like Gabbar, Boss used to fail and a gem like holiday underperforms.
They are blockbuster materials with Salman.
He's nowhere near khans neither in families nor multiplex going youth .
Even now in his good phase his movies aren't opening well because he was never that big.
See those 190,195 numbers you're seeing from akki is all due to gst and ATP.
His audience base is still stagent at 1.2-1.4cr ffs, which is below underperformer Jai ho.
It's just that khans had only rejected movies after GST with same footfalls as Bajrangi a movie will collect 450 today and 480+ with dangal.
So khans are khans, akki sir is still in Ajay category.
A Salman fan in me wants a Khan movie to get good wom to show these nonkhans fan their AUKAAT.
And yeah Hrithik is there after Khans, he's the only superstar after khans according to me.

by Assistant Director (50k points)
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Akshay Kumar is a big star. But not a superstar. And he wont get there either. He's to the senior lot, what Varun Dhawan is to the junior lot. He's yet to get to 200cr in his best phase, yet to give a record opener in his best phase. He's doing really well, but he wont displace the men at the top.

SRK is completely down and out, yet his opening pull has been better than Akshay sums up the gulf between him and the mighty Khans. I'm not including Aamir and Salman here.

by Star (156k points)

cowards can't accept reality and hide answer


Stop spreading fake stats/spamming and you will be allowed to answer. Simple. If you can't, then accept your answers getting hidden


A star who has hardly any records & others stars fans are jealous of that recrodless star ... what a joke

+2 votes

lack of stardom... his fans are less in number... he has had good movies but the reason for them not to be big grossers is that he is not upto the mark

by Unit Manager (36.9k points)
+1 vote

Wait for Houseful 15 and it will break the record of Dil ,Saajan ,Darr and KMG

by Editor (80.8k points)
+1 vote

by Editor (89.7k points)

If Housefull 4 released on top day these fools would have been chasing Akshay highest opener even aamir fans would probably doing that holiday stars that would have been reaction of salman after giving mega disaster tubelight

Yahan pe bhoukne kyun nahi aaya ..
Aukaat pata chal gayi kya ...

+1 vote

He has stardom but its not on the same level like Khans. So no he shouldn't be compared which is why he will always remain on tier two with Ajay Devgn and others.

by Production Accountant (29.2k points)

@Nileel nobody is willing to compare ..
But @tom cruise is forcing with his stupid answers & comments ..


Fun is over Tauji. Keep spreading fake numbers and they will continue to be hidden.


Fake numbers doesn't just apply to him but people like Sandeep & SSD who believes everything BOI said about Housefull 4.

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