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Film 1st week 2nd week 3rd week 4th  week Total diff. 
Apprx actual diff. apprx actual diff. apprx actual diff. apprx actual diff.


203.39 -3.11 46 44.11 -1.89 19.5 18.3 -1.2 5cr 5.13 +0.13 -6.07
SULTAN 208.59 208.99 +0.40 48.75 48.89 +0.14 15.75 15.81 +0.06 4.25 4.35 +010 +0.98
TZH 206 206.04 +0.04 85.50 85.41 -0.09 27.10 27.34 +0.24 5.75 5.81 +0.06 +0.21

Only hrithik films get discounts where as a big grossers like sultan and TZH wont have much difference between apprx and actuals and more than that for those films actuals will be more than approx everytime.. 

If we dont consider the deductions for war film then war total should be 300.5cr by now. 

But war is hrithiks film not salmans film so it wont cross 300cr or boi makes sure that any milestone would not be crossed for hrithik. 

Boi stated it made all time record in ap/nizam but now it shows numbers lower than sultan. 

Dubbing collections are also reduced to 10 from 14.

Plz stop considering boi for hrithiks film. Its a kind request. 

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Ajay, you defend BOI as if you work for them.


Look once they give a fig. They shouldn't decrease them..
Only to stop achieving major milestones..like 100-200-300cr..


Haha... I already told him.. Haha...
This boi which took sahoo south collections from andhraboxoffice.net haha.. And this ajay wants us to believe that this is a genuine and reliable site..
We all know how much genuine these south movie collections are..
Big joke bro..


Ha, not surprised at all.

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Only BOI Has Entire Database From 1994, By End Of Next Year They Will Also Update Entire Data From 1988 Onwards

Others Give Producers Figures Only BOI Gives Trade Figures (After Final Update)

So Its Obvious That Only BOI Will Be Followed By Everyone

They Hate Aamir But Still We Have To Follow It, As We Dont Have Any Other Choice!

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So Its Obvious That Only BOI Will Be Followed By Everyone

only from this forum...

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BOI is a biased site and I don't follow them. They are Ajay Devgn haters and try make him look like he's not a star by not giving his successful movies 100cr like Raid. Other sites have confirmed his 100cr movies. I won't consider this site for his movies or any actor.

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Now a days even SRK & SALMAN fans calling this site fake...
So it's a Fake.

answered by Production Designer (13.4k points)
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Highest Grosser

Week 1- Baahubali Conclusion
Week 2- Baahubali Conclusion
Week 3- Baahubali Conclusion
Week 4- Uri The Surgical Strike
Week 5- Uri The Surgical Strike
Week 6- Uri The Surgical Strike
Week 7- Uri The Surgical Strike
Week 8- Gadar Ek Prem Katha
Week 9- Gadar Ek Prem Katha
Week 10- Gadar Ek Prem Katha

Uri The Surgical Strike has the highest week 8 to 10 from this decade and Baahubali Conclusion has the highest collection in week 11 this decade Avengers is the highest first week grosser from Hollywood even War fell way short and it will be very difficult to beat this record can dabangg 3 beat this record of Avengers

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Then what about Bharat? It should have crossed 200 too.

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They never deducted collections from Bharat after publishing..
War performed very good.. Its easy to believe producer collections also..


Weekend kam kare the..phir first week phir 2nd week phir third week..every *** week kam kare hai..go and see

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collection reduction ki to jo aayenge wohi to denge na bhai. Isme reduction or bina reduction ka kya matlab hai.

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Jo ayega matlab?
Then y did they post 206.5cr first week initially?
This is their game simple..
Fr their fav stars like salman, they will even increase the approx Figures also..
Thats the reason i have posted this.. Tzh sultan r big grossers, but collections go hand in hand with producers.. Some times even more...nt even 1cr difference..
Simple boss, war is a 300cr grosser even in hindi..
Ita only trying to lessen the collections as it is hrithiks movie.

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