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Kannada + Tamil + Telugu = 50 cr any chance??

In Kannada Kiccha Sudeep is a megastar and director is Prabhudeva so both fan following is benefitted the film. What is your views??
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Sudeep was in Sye Raa but what was it's Kannada version collections?

There is no chance of Dabangg 3 doing 50cr in it's dubbed versions. Such miracles don't happen.

As far as your hopes from Kannada goes, the more weaker Sudeep is shown to be against Salman, that much quickly Sudeep fans will walk away from D3. And for the rest there is literally no reason to watch Kannada dubbed version & target audience will watch the Hindi version only. The true blue Kannada audience have not seen Dabangg 1& Dabangg 2, so how can you expect them to watch Dabangg 3 without even being attached or having any sort of liking towards Chulbul Pandey the character?

All I would say is keep your expectations in check.


Suhas whts kannada version collection of sye raa

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Your expectations are high hope film is good otherwise you know how audiences react these days to khan films

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If Sudeep and Prabhudeva have fan following then it should easily

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It won't do that collections.

Sudeep is big but why will the audience choose to watch the dubbed version when original is available? And if Darshan's Odeya is releasing, fan wars will be at it's peak.

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In Nett ???
No Chance man...
Weekend 100cr & HGOTY is the only RECORD that you can expect from this MOVIE.
Bcoz of Sequel

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Don't expect these high number. Remember during the time Tubelight Salman fans were expecting minimum 50million $ from it but after it released everyone knows what was the result. Similarly, as Tom Cruise mentioned hope for movie being good otherwise it won't be easy going.

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Hope Dabangg 3 becomes 3 rd bollywood movie to get hit verdict in dubbed version in South after Mpk and Hahk

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Nope. The trailer was decent but the songs following have kinda been below the mark. I'd keep expectations a bit low.

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Lol if kicha was a megastar there he won't be playing a villian in dabangg franchise where villian have no great role he is just a decent actor his last lead movie pailwan did 40cr so expecting 50cr for a villian role is bit too much

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He is not telling 50cr from Kannada alone but combined Kannada, Telugu & Tamil ..

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bhai 200cr to pakka hai dubbed version me

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