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Salman Khan Completely Dominated 2010s Decade, He Has Huge Volume As Well As Huge Magnitude Of Success And He Has Been No. 1 By A Distance If We See Entire 2010s Decade Even Though He Faced Tough Competition From Aamir And Akshay In Mid And Late 2010s Respectively But That Wasnt Enough, Salman Gave 5 Back To Back Blockbusters In Early 2010s And It Has Been Deciding Factor Bcz Here He Didn't Have A Competition, Srk Was Doing Well But Then His Magnitude Wasn't Enough To Challenge Salman.

Overall Aamir Khan Has Huge Magnitude Of Success But His Volume Is Low So He Cant Be Compared With Salman.

Overall Akshay's Volume Has Been Huge But Magnitude Has Been Low So Again He Also Cant Be Compared With Salman.

In 2000s Decade, Srk Has Been Biggest Star But Even Though He Has Been No. 1 The Domination/Magnitude Of Success At Box Hasn't Been Has Big As Salman's.

He Faced Tough Competition From: Hrithik In Early-Mid 2000s And From Aamir In Late 2000s. Which Means He Had To Face Tough Competition Throughout The Decade.

1990s Decade Has Been Toughest Decade In Terms Of Competition, Sunny Deol Has Been No.1 Star Bcz Of His Consistency In Being In Top League Throughout The Decade But Many Actors Have Done Very Well In That Decade In Various Phases-

In Early 1990s Amitabh Has Been Biggest Star Followed By Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor, Sunny Deol

In Mid 1990s Sunny Deol Has Been Biggest Star Followed By Shahrukh Khan Salman Khan Govinda

In Late 1990s Shahrukh Khan Has Been Biggest Star Followed By Salman Khan Aamir Khan Sunny Deol.

If We Strictly Talk About Box Office Success Then Shahrukh Khan And Salman Khan Have Been Biggest Followed By Aamir Khan As Far As Entire 1990s Is Concerned

Now What Do We Have In Store For 2020s Decade In Which We Can Have Upto 25-30 Mini To Super Stars-





















Plus 5-10 More Actors Who Can Attain Stardom In Next Decade

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akki gave sallu competition in late 2010s
2019 = late 2010s


From 2017-2019 Akshay Will Have Around 10 Back To Back Successful Films Including 7-8 Hits So You Can Call That Competition


Padman below average or flop
Gold Average
Hits or more
5 Hits in 17-19 , good news can join but similarly ayushmaan has delivered 5 hits back to back in 2 years without a gold or padman.


BOI Pe Vishvaas Rakho Padmaan Ko Average And Gold Ko Semi Hit Dega Woh 17-19 Mei Akshay Ke Success Ko Ignore Nahi Kiya Jaa Sakta, High Level Pe Nahi Hai But Mid Level Ke Jarur Hai Woh Bhi 12 Back To Back, Salman Ke Baad Usika Number Aata Hai Late 2010s Mei

Ayushman Toh Abhi Semi Star Category Mei Aata Hai, Akshay Atleast Is A Big Star Toh Uska Benefit Milega Usko

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Top 5 stars of 2020s.
Tiger (no particular order )

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Brilliant Post And A Perfect Analysis........

Now talking about 2020's Decade -

  1. Salman, Shahrukh, Aamir Khan already at the age of 54 and next 10 years its goes to 64 years so that age Stardom maintaining is not possible. Yes first 3-4 years Salman And Aamir rules but whole decade a big no due to age problem because after the age of 57-58 age is clearly visible on screen and that's a minus point for both. If i am talking about Shahrukh Khan than max 1-2 hits more possible if he bounce back but his period is also a very short duration due to same age problem.

  2. Now apart from khans Hrithik Roshan is the biggest star in terms of stardom and Tiger shroff fan following in single screen is also a huge which is increase day by day and most important both doing action films on a big way. And Hrithik roshan not face age problem because currently he is 45 and after 10 years he is 55 so its a easy for him.

  3. Now i am talking about Akshay and Ajay. Akshay Kumar also 52 years old and ajay is 50 years old so both after 10 years around 62 and 60 so whole decade domination is not possible. For Akshay max 4-5 years and ajay 7-8 years for stardom not more than that.

  4. Now i am talking about Ranbir And Ranveer and Varun Dhawan So yes both goes big if doing right films and right choices. And aayushmaan khuraana is next Akshay kumar just like 2010's decade due to unbelievable script sense. Yes aayushmaan movies goes same like Akshay patterns low budget, high volume and lower hits. Varun Dhawan also doing low budget movies just like Akshay this decade and his stardom is much bigger than Aayushmaan but not sure about his script sense.

In last next decade is a mixing up on a big time and anyone could be a topper but compition is very big time just like 1990's decade not a one sided.

Now contender to be top of next decade -

Hrithik Roshan

And surprise also there with any other new debutant.

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70s -> Dharmendra (Action Star)
80s -> Amitabh (Action Star)
90s -> Deol (Action Star)
2000s -> SRK (Love Story or Rom Com)
2010s -> Salman (Action Star)
2020s it should be Action Star (HR vs TIGER)

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2020s wont be easy on Aamir and Salman. They're not getting younger and need to be as hungry as they have been till now. A few more bad moves like Race or TOH can spell danger. However they will continue to be no 1 till 2024-25 atleast. Imo,


Yahi ranking rahega agle 4-5 saal. I hope SRK makes a storming entry, not sure where he is headed, so not including him here. Things will change post 2025 imo for the seniors.

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2020s decade will be pretty interesting although the khans are at last leg of their career they are still the biggest
Akshay suddenly wants all the holidays dates
Ajay is also doing some Biggies
New Gen i really don't care TBH
All in all it will be a interesting decade ahead
I just want Salman to give as many bb as possible before stardom phases out

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Opening defines stardom and stardom defines star ranking so Whether their movie become Blockbuster or flops Only opening will keep them in Race in 2020 so my Rank is :


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Rajinikanth's age is 68 still next year he's coming with an Mass action movie. So age factor can be ignored easily.

Khans stardom is inevitable & they can or will rule till 65 age for sure. Megastardom doesn't fade this easy.

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Hmm Khans Will Create History In Next Decade By Being In Top 5 For 4 Decades That Too Consecutive Decades (Only Dilip Kumar Has Achieved Top 5 For 3 Decades: 1940s-1960s)

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It won't be one-sided. Top remaining stars will still be Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan & Salman Khan. Tiger Shroff will dominate single screens but I don't know how long his action hero image will last.

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I find the lack of SRK in these answers..... Disturbing.

Maybe it's the recent phase, maybe it's some of his choices, maybe it's the hatred users have for him or maybe it's the jealousy in which users are still confused why hasn't the popularity of this man gone down despite few flops and negativity.

But then again, wait for 2020, if you think Salman's comeback was big, you haven't seen anything yet, Phoenix will rise from the ashes and old SRK will give way to New and improved SRK, just wait for it.

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Launda but Srks come back need big directors like hirani or massy director like atler etc etc or a Dhoom series.. ismae srk ka konsa contribution hai .. create comeback with ur own ability just like Salman did with dabangg not by making collaborations with big directors or series .. waise post raone har ek movie comeback hi thi for srk with good director only rohit one ce clicked..


Playboy teri abhise kyu jali padi hai....chill yaar...jo deserve karega usko bada hi share milega....


Atlee is not a big director for hindi audience.

And what's massy director? Ab comeback movie to massy hi karega na, ya phir se imtiaz ke saath movie banayega content content kar ke.

Atlee debut in Bollywood, and i said that because of age factor, Salman was 43 that time, SRK will be 54, that's the difference.


sanki..... for playboy it doesnt matter if aamir salman does masala, maasy. big director, festival release, franchises, big actress etc etc etc...for him srk shouldnt do all this and he should only do outdated romance without director, massy etc rtc

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Sunny Deol and Amitabh Bachchan were top superstars in first half of 90's while aamir and salman were small stars salman was supporting actor who will probably have 4 years where he will have no film in top 20 openings but he is considered top superstar by his fans

Sunny vs aamir

aamir- 7
Sunny- 9

aamir- 10
Sunny- 14

blockbusters and super hits
aamir- 4
Sunny- 6

bumper openers
aamir- 2
Sunny- 9 and 4 record openers

Sunny Deol is the top superstar of single screen period with top remuneration for 15 years with many films with huge budgets and way ahead of salman and aamir who will not be in top 5 superstars and Top 5 Superstars of decade 90's will probably be Sunny Deol, Amitabh Bachchan, Govinda, srk and Ajay as rankings are based on stardom

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@tom cruise sun le Aamir , Salman & Srk ke naam small caps mein likh dene se wo chote nahi hojayenge lekin teri choti aur ghatia soch ka pata lagasakte hain ..
Sunny or any one after Amitabh is, was & will always be <<<< Khans in all time rank list ...


Don't hide behind Amitabh as Sunny is no match to the Legend ..


Waah TOM Sir Ploxx

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top 6 in random order

Akshay kumar (10 hits in next 3-4 years)
Ranveer singh (versatility, big production houses)
Tiger shroff (action factor)
Shah rukh khan (mainly due to that hirani and ali movies)

Aamir khan and Hrithik roshan will face volume issues, though their movies should do well.

Salman khan has dug his own grave, soon he will be inside it. tubelight, race 3 and dabangg 3 like craps not only underperform at bo but also damage the legacy.

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