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"I still say directors don't know to portray Srk the way he deserves to be portrayed."

neither Sallu nor Srk has been portrayed the way they deserve and one of the main reason behind that is Sallu and Srk themselves. their over-involvement is something which leads to half baked product.
'too many cooks spoil the broth'.
Srk is confused while Sallu is in altogether different zone now, running after eid , hiring incompetent directors and remaking korean movies and dabangg. he is old school.


Srk or Salman or Aamir, all are old school. Salman Khan needs to prove his dominance (not at box office but on the industry itself) so he is committing for EID. He made Sooryavanshi move, he declared his film would release on EID. Both were the decisions he made & industry stayed away until Laxmmi Bomb decided to clash. If it wasn't led by Reshma & SLB gang, he wouldn't have made it personal. So what Srk is fighting for is totally different than Salman's.

Even if you take out their involvement, literally Bollywood writers+directors haven't figured it out how to showcase them. Salman for the entire decade has been no.1 & in his best phase they couldn't figure it out. What will they figure out later?


the question arises that how will he prove his dominance if the movie is a rushed product and will that dominance remain after 3/4 back to back underperformers? the perception will change and so will be his standing as bollywood media is known for overhyping things. there will be negativity for d3 and radhe. good news is coming a week after d3 and laxmi bomb is scheduled for eid release.
the best way to answer his critics and enemies is by making a big blockbuster like sultan , tzh or a craze like dabangg. but he is remaking korean movies (bollywood success record is not good. rocky handsome, awarapan , bharat etc all underperformed) and making b grade stuff like race3 .d3 will be considered another underperformer if it fails to cross that 240/250 mark. common sense is on vacation in galaxy apartments.


Despite recent underperformers he is still the one calling the shots right. Except the smaller films in 2011, he really hasn't had any film clashing or even release a week later against his film. One yes it was box office & two, none in the industry wanted to deny what he demanded. Reshma & gang weren't looking after the distributors. That dominance within the industry has been there for decades & not just since 2010. Even last decade, no matter how many films failed, Salman Khan still remained powerful in the industry. Except the Srk right, none got in his way.

So when I say dominance, that has never relied upon the box office success. Even Salman knows it. The other two Khans never had anything like that.

Dabangg 3 isn't a rushed product. Radhe has just started filming so can't call it a rushed product. Because that script was being worked upon along with Bharat. If you look at it even Inshallah script wasn't entirely ready.

Regarding Korean remakes, all depends on how well they desify them. Bharat was the most desified version but they just forgot masses won't buy a big star film with no conflict, emotional or physical being resolved. Bharat climax was among the most emotional ones Salman had ever done, just couldn't have the masses relate to that. Subtleness won't work. Nobody questioned Salman's performance. The only times Salman Khan has been questioned for his performance by public this entire decade is Veer (not many watched it), Tubelight (again not many watched but whoever watched didn't want to watch Salman like that) & Race 3 (that usual Saif was better). Salman the actor beyond the usual "Khan" impact hasn't really lost the trust among his audience. It's just that having used to see him dominate with outside Khans not getting that big numbers has changed in last 2 years. And this year toh everyone have scored big - right from Hrithik, Shahid to Akki, Ajay, Ayushmann... There used to be clear difference in what Salman / Aamir used to score compared to the rest. So the media attention has turned a bit. Plus the Khans have not been in the news for their films like they used to be 2 years ago. As simple as that.

If there was no Padmaavat or Simmba last year then the numbers TOH did wouldn't have hurt Aamir that much. This is the first time Aamir went on the silent mode due to a film. Even Mela didn't entirely manage to do that. Thankfully he didn't follow Srk's silent mode.

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srk has been making best come back of the ccentury SINCE MNIK with karan johar
then with ra.one then with farhan akhtar then with yash chopra,Rohit shetty, farah khan, national award winnning director whats his name.... then that other highly acclaimed director of fan...whast his name ..... then with imtiaz ali, ALR.... all of these would fall under great or best directors according to many...... srkians mostly..... then compare to ones salman khan has been making movies with.... lol
srk has always got the best directors...nothing new..... and he's always been making best come back of the century with each movie....nothing new there as well
problem is not directors ....problems is srk.....

whichever movie he stars in .... the movie becomes the worst movie of its time.... its just in late 90s and 2000s .....uska sikka chalta tha....movies us time bhe aisi hi hoti thi jaisi is decade main hain.... ikka dukka idher udher aik aadh theek nikal aati thi..warna his whole filmography is filled with ra.ones type and HNYs .... only paheli was good.... devdas was good.... all of this other movies are same....

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aur srk ko ye ghalat fehmi hai k uski judgment ki waja se movies chalti thi uski early on...... and thats why ...he interferes with directors..... and ruins his movies.....

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Rohit shetty, imtiaz ali, anand l rai nothing worked. Wait and watch.

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Where Is The Confirmation?

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Nothing is confirmed as yet.

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no one will touch him rn but thats how the industry works

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Mungerilal ke haseen sapne

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Shakti Kapoor is a legend..............


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Atlee one: A perfect masala entertainer. Shooting begins next month. Definitely great run @ Indian Box Office

Hirani one: Hirani's narration + SRKs Stardom = RIP All BO records in India & Overseas

Ali abbas one: That's gonna begin December next year. It's too soon to talk about it as of now.

Also ALR didn't worked bcuz of the story. He is great in his comfort zone I.e desi movies but with Zero he went out of his comfort zone & ruined the movie.

While Imtiaz Ali one, his almost all movies have similar touch. Nothing else to say.

Rohit Shetty is unbeatable in Masala entertainers but don't know what happened to him during Dilwale that he added an unnecessary love story.

Also it's SRKs elite stardom that he's being offered top-notch projects from top-notch directors from South & North India. Haters, just calm your as*es. Don't be jealous. Just wait for Diwali 2020.

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Baaki Yeh ALR Aur Intimaz Gareeb Directors Hai Faltu Hype Kar Diya Tha Inko Srk Fans Nei

Anyways Want Srk On Diwali 2020 So That Akshay Runs Away From That Date As Well

It Will Be Good To See 3 Khans Having Their Film Release In Same Year At Their Favorite Date

Btw Hirani One Doesn't Looks Convincing, When Srk Already Rejected Him Twice When He Was At Peak Then Why Would Hirani Offer A Film To Him Again That Too When He Is At Peak And Srk Is Going Through Rough Patch, Besides, Hirani Will Be Busy With Munna Bhai 3 And Also Has Plans For 3 Idiots 2 And Can Do Another Film With Ranbir

Rest 2 Looks Believable And Announcement Shall Follow Till Feb


Hirani isn't doing Munna Bhai 3. Confirmed. Also no 3 idiots 2. Hirani-SRK one is all set to begin next April.

Hirani always wanted to cast SRK but due to scheduling issues, SRK denied Hirani. But now they're all set to unite. It's a matter of time till the announcement will come. 99% confirmed as of now.

Yes, we overhyped ALR & Imtiaz. We rose our expectations a lot. Well we're doing same with Atlee


srk ran away from clash with Akshay and even Ranveer beat him


Ole Ole & Tunna Tunna.

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He's not signed anything. Better to believe whatever comes out SRK's mouth rather unlike these so-called journalists on Twitter who get these rumuors from PR. I hope signs Atlee action masala movie because this is the only way for SRK to make a comeback. It doesn't matter if its a remake or original.

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Bumper and Excellent openers in action and masala genre

aamir- ishq, mela, mangal pandey, ghajini, dhoom 3 & toh- 6 films
salman- karan arjun, dabangg, ready, bodyguard, ett, dabangg 2, kick, sultan, tzh & race 3- 10 films
srk- karan arjun, trimurti, koyla, josh, mhn, don, oso, ra.one, don 2, ce, hny, dilwale & raees- 13 films

so action and masala genre is best for comeback of srk

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Zamaana Deewana Ho Gaya

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Ye banda jab ALR ke saath Flop de skta hai to dusro ka kya khna..
Atlee maharaj jo hai sirf VIJAY ke wjah se...

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Anand rai

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Even if hirani works with srk..Srk presence in the movie would give hirani his first disaster

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