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Theek Thak Hai Song

Koi Chartbuster Mangta Hai Jo 1st Time Sunne Ke Baad Kai Baar Sunne Ka Mann Ho


average. following the exact template of d1 and d2. d2 somehow became bb but not this time.
should be a hit at bo atleast else the end is around the corner.

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This Song Is Grow Slowly Slowly...... Lyrics Is Good With Melodeous Music............

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Song is awesome it's way better than Dagabaz Naina till now album is better than dabangg 2 and legging behind Dabangg and we all know TO MATCH DABANGG is a difficult tast

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Melodious with great lyrics

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Bad to be honest. Sajid Wajid are out of ideas. Trying to create the Naina track from Dabangg ruined it.

And this is poor promotional strategy from Dabangg 3 team. No video songs only audio. Bollywood is not south movie industry. South have different set of audience and Bollywood has difference set of audience. Pretty pathetic strategy.al

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Nah, not that good. It feels a recycled copy of the earlier album. Could have been much better. Passable.

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Plain bad. No repeat value. Strategy too is weird af. Video songs could have worked big time. Maybe.

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Bhad mai jae songs aur trailer..mai toh chahu kal hi movie release kardo..can't wait for it..I think Megastar should release movie every month as I don't watch bollywood movies except his ....

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saiee 21 years

sallu miyan 54 years

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Kiara is that abla jiska tabla sir ne baja diya hoga ....


Arbaaz Said Not Even 1 Day Not Month And Yes List Bahut Lambi Hai

Kaira Or Kriti Nahi, Kaira And Kriti Bolo

Akshay Kumar Alag Hi Level Ke Maze Liye Jaa Raha Hai Yaar 1990s Se Leke 2020s Tak, Jab Tak Javani Hai In His Own Words 'Bajate' Rahenge Sir


They Are Biggest Playboys Of Modern Era

Aamir Nei 1990s Ke Baad Sanyaas Le Liya Warna Uska Bhi Naam Daalta, Beech Mei Fatima Nei Niyat Bigadi Thi Woh Alag Baat Hai


Yeah Kiara aur kriti ko Kiara or kriti likh diya. I think dono ka tabla Sir ne baja diya hoga. @Irdwhelp
Atleast Salman bhai is a true lover unlike those 2 @Rancho , he doesn't do fake promises.
He's real and dedicated towards his girl while Ranbir changes girls after drinking their sherbet.
And Sir is a legend, he used to take girls to temple earlier now he's applying give and take policy. Kiara ko kya pareshaan kiya bande ne and who can forget That Airlift actress nimrat, twinkle ne toh ban kardiya usse, pakde gaye honge nange haath
True blue play boy even after 27 years he couldn't change.


Nange Haath LMAO

Twinkle Kaise Jhel Leti Hai Yaar Itna Jyada Affairs Akshay Ke This Is Too Much Man, Khud Itne Baar Pakda Phir Bhi Move On Kar Jaati Hai Kamaal Hai, Bas Ban Kar Deti Hai Jab Hadd Paar Ho Jaaye

Hmm Salman Is Better Than Both For Sure, Akshay Is Worst Among All Playboys Of Bollywood Eak Se Badhke Eak Kaand Kiye Hain Sir Nei, 1990s Mei Shaadi Wala Kaand Ab Casting Couch Wala Kaand
Sir Toh Shaadi Shuda Actress Ko Bhi Nahi Chhodte, Iske Bhi Articles Aa Chuke Hain

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Bad lyrics not matching to the tune...

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Bad lyrics seriously? So like ikk chumma kinda lyrics agr urdu ATI hai toh lyrics are soulful agr nahi toh ikk chuma


Its not going well with tune..

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what the hell wast that... weird lyrics.. Naina lade ke lade reh gaye..

Sajid wajid created one of the best albums for Dabangg but for D2 and D3 they are just trying to copy the template. Come on grow up.

In this age where Bekhayali, Tum hi ana are working these idiots create this non sense.

Salman badly needs someone who can stand up to him and do things his way. THIS IS BAD

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different people different taste.. you cant expect people to go by your likes and dislikes

I have yet to find someone who didnt like Bekhayali.. other than you


I only liked ashqui 2 songs of that modern Era even today they are the best


@being tanveer Bekhayali is the best song of this year by leaps & bounds ..
@Seinfeld the tune of Kabir singh & Dabangg 3 is different .. Kabir singh was a diljala aashiq where as Chulbul is a funny one as for this song is concerned ..
Btw Naina Lade is a decent one neither too good & nor bad ..
May be they look good with video who knows ..


I agree but small movies tend to have some best love songs.. listen to tum hi aana.. bekhaayali i already mentioned and many others.. why be stuck with naina naina

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aag lagne wali hai theatres me i hope all their insurance papers are in place

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