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Housefull 4 released on Diwali to good enough public reports for the comedy in the film but the industry and the trade especially had issues with the film which is fine but then the attempt was there to portray the film as a flop or disaster when majority of the audience had actually liked the film. Hardly any exhibitor would have had an issue for the film as it was collecting well enough all over, the problem was with these reviewer types who then also give the collections also.



These type of reviewers generally believe what they say about a particular film is how the audience at large will see it but the audience is a far better judge than these people. This has been happening for years as the trade type of reviewers try to match the collections to their reviews. A Sholay was called a flop for almost 2 months despite going house full at practically every show and if the greatest movie ever can be attempted to be called a flop then what is Housefull 4. That was over 40 years back but still things dont change with the reviewers today trying to call the collections as per their reviews of the film. Yes you do look a fool when you say the film is bad and then have to give its good box office collections but its something you have accept fast as eventually you will get egg on your face as the film continues to sustain.



They were further aided by by certain people in the industry who talked about inflated collections. It may be bad practice but the fact today is that for the past few years 5-10% inflation has become the industry standard and it was done by most films prior to the release of Housefull 4 and the release after Housefull.4. The industry people who talked about inflation have probaby inflated their collections even more than Housefull 4 at times which was actually on the lower side if talking about inflation compared to many other films.



The only difference for Housefull 4 was that it was called out for this as insanely crazy low numbers were being filtered here and there while most other films are left alone. Some of this was just to create a nuisance and then there would others in the industry who would jump on the bandwagon trying to spread negativity and kill it while it is in the dull period. But there is the audience out there and if they find something interesting in a film eventually they will make it work no matter what is being said and that is what happened with Housefull 4.



This sort of thing also happened with Race 3 last year which was not as bad as it was made out to be with the only problem being it did not sustain so despite numbers being decent, the perception was not there do to dropping collections. Then there was Saaho (Hindi) and that did not sustain too well also but it still did a huge number for a South film in Hindi but there the dull performance in South was bought in to downplay the strong Hindi performance simply because the collections did not match the reviews.



Housefull 2 saw negativity at a higher level than those two films and this was happening as the film was actually working on all levels be it collections or with the audience and that become an issue as it was called a disaster on release. Also then there were certain camps in the industry which gave fuel to the negativity. Rather than give up and accept the facts the negativity even went on while it was doing huge numbers on the weekdays.



These people need a mental check up if they think box office collections will go as per their reviews especially as if they had a clue about what works and what not like they think they would be not be reviewing films but be the top filmmakers in the country. Some will even pretend that they have huge respect in the industry but today even the public is hard to fool that way let alone the industry. In most of the industry which makes the bigger commercial films the word for a critic is not critic but another Hindi slang word beginning with C. Obviously nobody says in open public but it is actually a fact within the industry. Yes there is the other side of the industry who need these types to push their films and here the critics come in use for them though it hardly helps in the long run.



Coming back to Housefull 4 it was pointed out that the film had inflated collections which is the case for 99% of the films released but only 1% get pointed out. It was also pointed out if this is not done then it would be better for the industry and there could be a little case there. But the bigger picture is that it should have really been pointed out was why is there so much negativity out there when the audience is coming in and liking the film as this negativity hits the bottom line which is revenue, not only for Housefull 4 but other films as well. Sadly this will not happen as its not about the betterment of the industry but trying to kill a film when you see a opportunity. Housefull 4 came through with flying colours but next time another film may not as this is not the last time it will happen.
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Yes you do look a fool when you say the film is bad and then have to give its good box office collections but its something you have accept fast as eventually you will get egg on your face as the film continues to sustain.

Harminder's state right now

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Yeh Mera Prem Patra Padhkar Ki Tum Naraz Mat Hona Ki Tum Meri Zindagi Ho Ki Tum Meri Bandagi Ho- BOI To Akshay

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Ye kya bakwaas site hai...
Ye sab zaroori hai kya likhna..
This is pro akki site when it comes to defending him and showing him as a big star and pro sallu bhai site when it comes to collections ,footfalls

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"Writtern by one and only Akshay Kumar ye bhi to likhna tha na phir bhool gaya tu"

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This is the problem with BOI but no one gets it. Their mentality for actors whom they like and dislike is pathetic that nobody is equal. They favour those whom they by going overboard with collections but when it comes to actors like Ajay Devgn then they will degrade them.

I think this pic defines Sardar Ji who operates this site.

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Ye kya hai..collection de sirf wo vi bina manipulation k..Akki ki pr ka kaam matkar..its becoming worst with each passing day

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It's too much now to bear seriously that harminder even exposing himself by posting that kinda PR articles to defend their manipulative figures, I think BOI forgot that they are there to report only figures that too unbiased but here 1st BOI going biased for akki and then try to defend him whatever the way they want shameless Harminder

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I think we are not left with any credible BO source now

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Great article..keep it up box office India ..

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