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1 Cr Footfalls In First Weekend - 

1. Bajrangi Bhaijaan

2. Dhoom 3


Salman Khan - 1

Aamir Khan - 1

Others - 0

2 Cr Footfalls In First Week -

1. Sultan

2. Bajrangi Bhaijaan


Salman Khan - 2

Others - 0

* only Bollywood Movies included......

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1st 1 Cr Footfalls In 1st Weekend- Dhoom 3 (Record Bajrangi Bhaijaan)

1st 2 Cr Footfalls In 1st Week- Sultan (Record)

Hope Aamir Makes His Entry Into Club Of 2 Crs Footfalls In 1st Week With Laal Singh Chaddha, Dangal (1.92) Was Unlucky To Miss Out On It Bcz Holidays Didn't Fall On Proper Dates

Anyways Salman Is Undisputed No. 1 Superstar Bcz Of Huge Magnitude As Well As Volume Of Success,
Aamir Is No. 2 Superstar, He Has Huge Magnitude Of Success But Volume Is Less,
There Is A Clear Gap Between The Box Office Pull Of Salman-Aamir And Rest Of The Stars, Srk Also Was In The Same League But After 2014 He Has Been Struggling.

Rest Of The Actors Dont Have The Level Of Stardom And Box Office Pull Which The 3 Khans Have Had From 1988-2018.


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Yes Dangal lost around 10 lakh footfalls due to Xmas on sunday.

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yeh stardom ki baatein karne ke liye ek aur forum banao.. usme bass khans, bachchan, dilip kumar, dharmendra, rajesh khanna in sab ke fans ko hi rakho

baki toh chote stars dont even deserve to be mentioned with these superstars.

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Because edx happens when their films release, eg.there's no Diwali in 2019......

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Prabhas did that on non holiday which is not possible for holiday superstars even Saaho will have 2 c footfalls in first week megastardom

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O Meri Mehbooba

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sanju would have done it on edx and broken dangals lifetime too but its fine brahamastra is there

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Baat Seedhi Hai Bhai Tum Kehne Mei Sharma Rahe Ho Mai Keh Deta Hun

Salman Was In Low Phase In 2009 So Ranbir Could Have Taken Over Him But In 2018 Salman Was At His Peak Phase, So Ranbir Couldn't Take Over Him, Reason Why Ranbir Didn't Have A Say Infront Of VVC Was Bcz Till Now He Hasn't Reached That Position From Where He Could Have Any Say.

As Regards VVC, Sole Reason For Not Clashing Was That He Didn't Have Confidence To Take Risk Of Clashing With Salman Khan, No Favour No Respect, Only Fear!


well insiders like hirani vvc would have known that r3 is not a great film so if they wanted they could have clashes but it would have hurt their film more since r3 solo or with clash was not going to break any records whereas a film like sanju would have earned well on any date

there was no point in clashing just to make a 300 crore film into a 200 one and also damaging relations with salman since he has a big ego too


Sanju had no balls to clash with TZH. It ran away from Eid too. Bm also ran away from Dabangg3. A clash would mean Salman would swallow Ranbir in one go. Its a lion and lamb case.


sanju would have easily beaten race 3 and with tzh they would collect the same number and these are just facts

i dont know how bm will turn out to be but i already know that d3 will be bad so even if there was a clash i would be betting on ranbir for sure on the other hand if it was radhe then yea sure salman would win there

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