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next year he might even go bigger . Congrats


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Which is the 1st 200cr movie? Mission Mangal isn't a 200cr grosser as per BOI. It is at 192.67cr Nett.

But all in all a great year for Akki. Will definitely end the year on a high note with Good Newzz.



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Gareeb star, Gareeb hits.

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MM has not done 200cr, HF4 won't get there either.

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1stly Let Akshay Actually Do 200 Crs, We Have Seen Many Films Missing Such Landmarks By A Whisker, Moreover He Hasn't Given Any 200 Crs Yet, So The Question Of 2nd 200 Crs Doesn't Arise.

Hope He Crosses Collection Of 1st 200 Crs Grosser Of Bollywood 3 Idiots Which Released 10 Years Ago Soon!

Anyways It Has Actually Been Great Year For Akshay, He Could Achieve 4 Hits In This Year With 4 Back To Back 150 Crs Grossers As Well, Future Lineups Are Superstrong.

Akshay Is At His Peak!

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A peak where he barely touches under performers, decade old movies of Khans.


As Per BOI In 2019- Khans Who No Longer Are At The Peak Levels Of Their Superstardom Remain Biggest Stars And Even This Level Of Their Stardom Is More Than A Match For Others, They Are Like Amitabh Bachchan Of 1990s Head And Shoulders Above Others Even When Not At Their Peak