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shashi kapoor

ranbir kapoor

rishi kapoor

raj kapoor

shami kapoor
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@Baadshah I always thought Suhas has good knowledge on acting and films. But seeing his bias toward the facemaker is disappointing.


bhai its a subjective thing......even Suhas bhai surprise me with the praise he posts about Ranbir even though i do consider Ranbir an excellent actor in his zone, versatility is missing but not every good actor is versatile.....i don't think the way you people judge, even Great Daniel Day Lewis will pass the induction test of an actor


@Badshah...Suhas hasnt surprised.....problem that people dont respect current generation actors...and second thing no actor from kapoor khandan known as a great actor...except Raj kapoor...this is fact...people have that habit to call everyone is great from older actor....and Ranbir is much better than rest except Raj kapoor..I havent watch PRK acting except MEA..so cant comment on it...but Ranbir has already been proved...Roockstar, Barfee, Rajneeti, WUS etc...and he still has long way to go to prove in mature role like do duni chaar


i saw Raj Kapoor in Andaz....n his performance was a genuine torture for me....overacting at its peak

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You forgot Prithviraj Kapoor who was the pioneer who started it all. For me its Raj Saab, splendid director too. Shammi and Shashi were really good too. Remove the 2nd name. He is not an actor, he's a joke.

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Ranbir who has 3 Filmfare Best Actor Awards don't require certificate for his acting from fans of salman who is specialised in b grade films


Wow! You know great acting from Filmfare awards.

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Rishi Kapoor....

Shashi Kapoor..

Raj Kapoor..

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My favourite Kapoors ..
Shammi Kapoor > Karishma > Kareena > Rishi ...
I like films of these Kapoors the most ..
Acting wise not seen much of Prithvi Raj Kapoor ..
Raj Kapoor > Rishi > Shammi > Shashi > Ranbir > Randhir > Rajiv ..

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Legendary Raj Kapoor Saab without any doubt.

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Raj Kapoor
Prithviraj Kapoor
Shammi Kapoor
Shashi Kapoor
Rishi Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor

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Male Actors

Acting Skill Wise- Raj Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Prithviraj Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor

Stardom Wise- Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor, Prithviraj Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor

Female Actors

Acting Skill Wise- Kareena Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor

Stardom Wise- Kareena Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor

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Prithvi Raj > Raj Kapoor > Shammi Kapoor.

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only acting wise

Raj Kapoor>Ranbir Kapoor>Shashi kapoor>Rishi Kapoor>Shammi Kapoor

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Ranbir Kapoor and RISHI Kapoor

Lookwise -- Shashi Kapoor

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Raj, Ranbir, Shammi, Rishi; in that order I'd say.

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No one.....all are overrated

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