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+1 vote
in Music & Promos by Director (133k points)
71% Accept Rate

Thumbs down for Arjun Kapoor. Or somehow even I am being too hard on him, I still strongly feel Ranveer Singh or even Abhishek Bachchan could've done the role convincingly.


Main concern is his bulky body and accent. Him playing a North Indian Warrior would have still looked more convincing then playing a Maratha.

10 Answers

+1 vote

Hahahha Jab Trailer dekh raha tha tab baar baar mjhe ARJUN ke Jgah RANVEER SINGH dikh raha tha
No one can Match MALHARI MAN aka RANVEER SINGH in Period Drama Movie.
HR & RANVEER best choice the iss movie ke liye.

by Camera Operator (9.6k points)

And I could imagine Ranveer in role of both the protagonist and antagonist.


Khilji n bajirao..

+1 vote

Looks like a mix of Bajirao Mastani and Padmaavati. Everything except Arjun Kapoor looks good. Sanju Baba will give another outstanding performance as villain after Agneepath. Kriti looks beautiful. Sets are grand and direction is good as well. Let's see.

by Star (155k points)
edited by
+1 vote

Bad. AG should have taken Arjun in that crap flying crocodile adventure MJo. Yahan HR sahi rehta. Even Ranveer (with his limited ability) would also be better than this wooden lead hero.

by Star (155k points)

You should worry about your own abilities


Commenting like a coward and then running away. Just tauji things

+1 vote

Film is Paanipat the great betrayal which will reveal how Marathas were betrayed by their own kings which lead to their retreat afghan army also was decimated and they immediately went back had Marathas coordinated with Sikhs who were ruling most of Punjab and given other Hindu rulers of North equal importance it was golden opportunity to get back afghanistan Marathas in 1760 AD were ruling 70% of subcontinent and victory would have given them control of almost entire sub continent but within a decade Marathas again took back Delhi and most of North and punished afghani rohillas while Sikh became a major force in North west defeating afghanis 5 times and took control of North west and Kashmir.british gain control of subcontinent by defeating Marathas in 1818 and Sikhs in 1849. As far as film is concerned I am not sure why they have taken Arjun in this film although he is good actor but for a grand film you require a superstar Ajay Devgan in this film would have been terrific Hrithik and Ranveer would have better suited for the role if the film is good it can be a hit as film is looking better than last film of Ashutosh Gowariker Mohenjodaro which was average film

by Camera Operator (10.2k points)

Mohenjodaro Was Flop Not Average

Ashutosh Is Mediocre Director


5 Bekaar Films Bhi Banayi Hai Unko Bhi Dekho

Swades Aur Lagaan Ki Wajah Se Maine Below Average Kaha, Nahi Toh Disaster Director Bolta


Theek Hai Promote Karke Average Bol Deta Hun

+1 vote

Sajay Dutt showing Ranveer Chingg how to act in period movies and act, not just jump here and there by making sounds like gorilla.

Arjun Kapoor is horrendous, like really horrendous.

This is small time movie, waiting for Ajay vs Saif in Tanhaji. That'll be the real deal.

by Mega Star (218k points)

SL, warning for you. How could you dare to criticise Ranveer's Khilji act? Be ready to get lectures from his fan base on how you don't understand acting.


Chingg fans ki aisi ki taisi, don't care about retards.

0 votes

Agar Ranveer Singh Hota To Aaram Se 200 Crs Kar Jaati Yeh Film, Lets See Ab 100 Crs Hota Hai Ya Nahi

Looks Decent Btw, Baba Will Steal The Show, Hope They Keep Some Imitate Scenes Between Arjun And Kriti

It Will Be Interesting To See Whether Ashutosh Will Get 2nd Hit Of His Career Or Not!

by Assistant Director (47.9k points)

Baba massss will steal the show. Arjun ko movies kyun milti hai Bhagwaan jaane


Baap meherbaan toh beta pehelwan


Film is looking much better than mohenjodaro can do well Sanju Baba is looking terrific but the lead actor is not much promising Ranveer would have been better suited for the role but still it can be successful film

0 votes

The trailer is good but Sanjay Dutt will be the saving grace of this movie and he will overshadow everyone. In supporting roles, he outshined the lead actors where his performance was critically acclaimed and this one will happen. Arjun Kapoor's appearance looks like a copy of Ranveer Singh's Baijrao Mastani but his dialogue delivery is bad. Kriti Sanon looks good.

Expectations are low for this movie unless a miracle happens and the film becomes a Hit. Average verdict is likely to happen...........................

Sets and costumes are good but these SLB lovers need to get their heads out that trash can. Arrogance of any period drama to SLB movies is annoying. I'm sorry to SLB lovers but he didn't invent period drama movies because this genre existed years ago before he made it e.g. Jodhaa Akbar

by Production Accountant (27.4k points)
0 votes

Boy that fatty cant act. What is he even doing here?

Could hav been decent without him. But he ruined it.

by Unit Manager (36.4k points)
0 votes

wrong casting of arjun specially after bajirao mastani.. hrithik would been better choice but again Hrithik would have asked half budget as fees then producer left no choice than making mohenjoo daro 2.. both arjun Kirthi are wrong choice even entire cast was wrong choice except baba..

well ranveer n priyanka would have been casted here..

by Unit Manager (33k points)
0 votes

Excellent trailer!!!! Looks like gowariker has finally regained his senses and made a really powerful movie!! A sureshot hit!!!! Baba has aced his role while kriti is also fantastic. It's only Arjun who is looking weak in front of others but still this looks like one of his finest performances!!

by Costume designer (1.1k points)