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Salman Khan talks about disagreements during the shooting of movie Lucky: No Time for Love. He didn't like the second half the movie and wanted the climax to be changed. In that video, he also said he wanted it to be 1 hour 55 min.

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I respect Salman Khan's honesty but frankly, Lucky: No Time for Love was a good movie and unique for a love story. Although, it may of some flaws as Salman mentioned but I enjoyed the film. Salman Khan & Sneha Ullah made an excellent pair and songs were superb as well.

Movie had a good opener despite it being doing average at the Box Office.

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Honestly I liked the movie, it was one of its kind, a fresh love story.
Salman looked handsome too and it was the first Bollywood movie to be shot in Russia.

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I love this movie and it's music was rage... Locations salman Khan's character everything amazing...
Salman khan really made amazing movies on 2000s... Too bad they weren't accepted... They were definitely better then movies he made this decade.

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