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Level of bollywood is degraded by salman with his crap films

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150 Crs Lifetime And 25 Crs Openers Are Underperformers For Khans Who Achieved It 5-10 Years Ago But Akshay Ka Stardom Slow Hai Isiliye Uske Liye Aaj Bhi Yeh Achievement Hai Jo Usne Iss Saal GST And High TP Ke Madad Se Achieve Kiya Hai Bas Isiliye Uska PR Celebrate Kar Raha Hai

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Dude when did 200cr became 150cr and how many times did Khans cross 200cr in last 2 years after getting all the festive dates. Level Bollywood ka nahi Khans ka gir gaya hai ki Akki bhi cross karra hai 200cr almost twice in a year aur wo 2 saal mein 3 milke ek baar bhi na karpaye after getting all the lucrative dates. Open your eyes jab kuch sahi sa ho na dimaag mein toh post mat daal.
Khans are failing not because of Akki but because of their own choices. Just look at SRK where he is now, he used to be a such a force in the beginning of the decade but where he is now after all the craps he made like Fan, Zero and JHMS. What Salman is doing? Chalo koi ni ek movie Prabhu ko dedi but without getting the results of D3 announced Radhe just to get Eid release. So, what if D3 fails? Won't it be more troubles ahead? Couldn't he just take the time required and instead of targeting a specific release date, have invested the proper time to give his fans a good product?
Only Aamir seems to have learned from his mistake (that too was so rare) and is back to making something good rather just forcing to get a movie done asap.

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Hope Akshay continue to get such success

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Akshay Kumar will continue to succeed despite not being on Khan's level. It may be true that he hasn't had HGOTY, 300cr, ATBB and ect to be in that position in terms of comparisons but he's doing better in terms of versatility. He's like Ajay Devgn who are both balancing different genres to in which their audiences can see some different from them.

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Yes the level is so much degraded by Akshay Kumar who is delivering his 9th hit in less than 4yers 11th successful film in a row,4th hit in last 11 Months with total nett of 710cr + because the megastars have raised the level so high by non of them delivering a clean hit since dec2017 by any of them not crossed 200crs in last two years despite getting solo festival releases,ohh pity on Akshay for degrading the level so much despite exposing his stardom 3-4 times to audience more than all of them and that too from years, he decrease the level so much by generating second highest footfalls this dacade by generating 4-5 times more employment,by providing continuous footfalls in every 3 month to exhibitors oh Akshay why you did that.

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I dint understand your question in the first place.

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I mean akshay pr are glorifying akki 150cr movies as biggest hit ..challenger to khans...I mean we ahould be talking about 300 cr now..but akki pr is making as if reaching 200 is superstardom and that movie is big hit


That is obvious. Akshay has achieved big success very late in his career, Khans have done all this long back. Let them glorify. They will know the reality in 2020.

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Ek baat to pakka hai akshay ne apna standard uper kar liya hai.

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This is all started by salman fans who realised after day 4 collections that salman opening record would have be broken race 3 collections will crossed in 10 days despite negative reviews may be 200 c possibility where as salman rejected films have never been hit tubelight was disaster worldwide

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As if Race 3 is biggest hit of salman khan.

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