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+1 vote
I just want radhe and laxmi bomb clash So that AK gets to know his real value .... so much bla bla going on houseful collection funny thing is it might be akshay kumar highest  grosser but still wont cross footfalls of disaster dilwale , race 3 and thugs of hindustan ....  i hope clash happens and gets the best beating from Sultan Khan ....  khans ki competition karne chala hai
in Box Office Discussions by Assistant Director (43.5k points)
93% Accept Rate

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Size Of A Star Is Not Decided By No. Of Hits But Size Of Grossers (Footfalls)- BOI


Khan fans are really hurt after the unexpected performance of housefull 4.


Just u are aware .....Edited ur Post...We don;t bring Nationality and Religion here!!!!..Do this on Twitter..not here!!


Ek hi cheez repeat krte raho din bhr

12 Answers

+6 votes

I Want Not 1 But 3 Clashes

1st- Eid Salman Vs Akshay

2nd- Diwali Shahrukh Vs Akshay

3rd- Christmas Aamir Vs Akshay

I Bet Akshay Will Either Run Or Loose All 3 Clashes

And Its Very Important To Show Recordless Tier 3 Star Fans Where Akshay Stands In Reality

by Assistant Director (47.6k points)
+3 votes

It won't clash, Bhatiya me itna dum nahi ki Bhai se takkar le sake.

by Mega Star (218k points)
+1 vote

The most irritating thing is Akki fans are dancing all over for a kachra hit... I mean come on..

The man doesnt have a Single Highest grosser in two decades career.. kya gareebi hai yaar

by Unit Manager (36.3k points)

1 Solo Blockbuster In 3 Decades Career Doing 120 Odd Films

0 votes

I won't wish bad on Akki for what his fans are doing. May the better movie win. Radhe will get a bigger opening this much I know.

by Assistant Director (56.1k points)

Laxmi bomb kind of movies cannot get big opening even if they release alone so its not a big deal.

0 votes

Neither Laxmi Bai will clash with Radhe nor Bachchan panday with Laal singh chadda but not sure about Diwali clash

by Production Accountant (26.6k points)

There is no clash on Diwali , Prithviraj is a solo release as of now, Laxmi bomb vs radhe is highly unlikely because akshay sir isn't announce the date yet so I think it will going to release on bakrid

0 votes

clash hona chahiye filmo main do star ka ho ya fir do movies ka eska alag hi maza hai.

by Location Manager (7.8k points)
0 votes

Akshay would want to stay at clash seeing how HF4 is going, but if he does, 2020 will begin his downfall.

by Star (154k points)
0 votes

Sadly your wish won't come true ..
Arey clash toh tab hogi na jab saamne wala party clash karna chahta ho ..
Laxmi bomb will run away from clash against Radhe ....

by Editor (88.8k points)
0 votes

It looks like it may happen confirmed by Fox Star Hindi.

by Production Accountant (26k points)
edited by
0 votes

Clash should happen. It will be clear who has dum.

by Second Unit Director (78.9k points)
0 votes

So finally your wish fulfills congratulations, foxstar Hindi is in no mood of leaving the date now it's almost certain that the clash will take place.

by Assistant Director (44k points)
–1 vote

Same people would have been freaked up by now if Sooryavansi was not preponed. Laxmi Bomb kind of film is no competition to a masala movie like Radhe. If it was not for Salman requesting Rohit and Akki to shift then it would have been totally different senario right now. But, still lets hope there is a clash because even after being of weaker genre (in terms of initial appeal) LB will give tough competition to Radhe and might even come out with bigger lifetime total.

by Production Accountant (24.4k points)

Lol this delirium patient sandeep claiming as if akki has many 200cr grosser .wake up he is yet to touch chill


I am chilled my dear, I was chilled with Akki not even touching 150cr, I was rather happy by watching Akki on big screen 4 times in an year with above average to good success at boxoffice. Boxoffice was never an area of concern for me. But, the success of MM and HF4 for sure have cetainly aroused a sense of insecurity in fan bases of other superstar (manly of Bhai). So, rather you should be chill my dear friends because Akki comes 4 times in a year 1 flop bhi ho gayi toh agli hit ho jayegi aur mamla firse set ho jayega. Apna socho tum log, khud ke star ke tumhare lala pad jaate hai ek hit dene mein agar 1 bhi flop ho jaye. Toh Santosh ji thoda santosh karein aap khud filhaal. Chill.....


@Sandeep fyi agar Salman aaj hi retirement dede aur Akki continue his so called good phase won't make a difference .. only understandable to box office experts like Komal nahta & other big box office analyst ..
So we don't give a damn about Akshay for his success like MM & HF4 ..
Salman is the only fron this current era will feature in Top 5 All time greats list ..
Salman fans getting jealous of Akshay's success is like Virat Kohli fans getting jealous of Hardik pandya's success ...
Hope you better don't care about Salman ....


I never did I never will so just chill AGAIN...

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