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As we promised in the morning, Shah Rukh Khan in Ranbir Kapoor’s Brahmastra is not the only breaking news today. Aamir Khan, Laal Singh Chaddha – ring a bell? YES! You guys are in the same universe as us and in which Shah Rukh Khan will unite with Aamir for a film.

The Brahmastra cameo was just the topping on the cake but Laal Singh Chaddha is something no one of us had expected. If you guys remember, Forrest Gump started on the bench of a park but Laal Singh Chaddha will start in a train. In a coach, Aamir’s character will narrate his story and the plot will go through a non-linear storyline through flashback.

According to our exclusive sources close to the development, “Aamir Khan has a special role saved for Shah Rukh Khan in the script. It’s not a blink-and-miss cameo, it’s a very important role without which the script will lose solidarity. Also, this is not IT, there is a 3rd role which is reserved for Salman Khan. Yes, Aamir wants all the three Khans to unite for his film. Whereas Shah Rukh Khan is confirmed for the role, Salman is yet to give the nod.”

The film is an adaptation of “Forrest Gump”, Robert Zemeckis’ multiple Oscar-winning film which released in 1994 and starred Tom Hanks with Robin Wright. Aamir reprises Hanks’ simple-minded yet loveable character.

Kareena and Aamir will be reuniting on the big screen after films like Talaash and 3 Idiots. The characters essayed by Aamir and Kareena will be seen in various looks to denote the passage of time over three decades and also depict them in various professions. Apparently, Aamir has lost 20 kilos to play the younger version of his title role of Laal Singh Chaddha. Directed by Advait Chandan of Secret Superstar fame, and written by Atul Kulkarni, the film will release on Christmas 2020.

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A script like Forrest Gump's doesn't need all these gimmicks. Hope Aamir sticks what he believes content wise & not the business aspect of it.

Also, it's been proven back to back that Bollywood directors are incapable of justifying special appearances.


Only a character like lt. Dan from the original, meaning a character as serious as meaningful as close to the arc will be accepted if SRK does something.

8 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Wow! 3 Megastar In A Single Film. If It Happen Than Its A Biggest News For Me This Year............. Please Come On And Do It....

by Unit Manager (37.3k points)
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+1 vote

My most awaited movie of 2020. Too bad have to wait till the end of the year though.

by Star (156k points)
+1 vote

Hope this won't get wasted like earlier in Tubelight & Zero ...

by Editor (89.7k points)
+1 vote

Hope it's a truth ....

by Editor (80.7k points)
+1 vote

I thought one aamir khan was enough ..
If he is bringing salman and srk then its only desperate to save khandom or give hgo the bwood..
Salman and aamir shouldnt do all this as they r capable enough to give hgoty nd bwood..

by Location Manager (6.1k points)
0 votes

If somehow Bachchan Pandey beats this movie, then social media pe ek hi jhatke main sab Khan fans to maara jayega.

by Assistant Director (58.3k points)
0 votes

SRK should sign a film in lead role not cameos or supporting roles. Hope for a good news at least on his birthday.

by Star (155k points)
0 votes

This is not even required. In all probabilities LSC is the biggest contender for HGOTY for 2020 already and as Suhas mentioned Aamir should stick to what he have mastered in past, what we saw in Dangle.

by Production Accountant (24.5k points)