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Best of Luck @Team Radhe ....

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I think there'll be a scene featuring Salman kissing that tore part of Disha's jeans.

Motion poster and Starcast looks good, The outlaws is a good movie.
Let's hope Prabhudeva makes a good remake.

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Is Randeep playing the baddie ..


Yes, there are 3 villians and Randeep is main negative character

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All the best Team Radhe and fans (including me)

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Look at him he is 53 & soon turn 54 but still matching the hotness of young Disha ..
He is older than all except Jakkie shroff but still looking youngest among all ...
If this is anywhere close to Wanted then it will do huge ...

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Lets just hope it doesn't turn out to be another rushed product like Race 3

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starcast achi hai iss baar... rozgaar yojna nahi lag rhi...


Yeah even motion poster and bgm was good lets hope for the best

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Nice to have Randeep in the movie, he is such an underrated actor. If this is anything close to Wanted, it will run rampant at the bo

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Jabarjast casting hai ess baar

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Gazab ka star cast hai ............

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Disha and Salman won't match. But nice to have Randeep in the movie.

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Salman did some weight loss & looking slim & fit much better the one in Bharat's younger version ..
So it won't look much odd ..


Bhai we all know that losing weight can help to some extent but not to this extent. Shakal se saaf saaf zahir hoga ke he's too old for her. And also in the body movements (Sallu has been a bit stiff IMO since TZH). I think Katrina, Kareena, Anushka, Deepika, these are the last heroines that Khans would suit with, otherwise they would look wrong. Anyway, I hope whatever romance there is is kept to a minimum.


Yes romance won't be there much may be in 1 or 2 songs ..

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Wishing good luck to them

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Good casting but whar Panauti doing in a frame hope he is only producer of movie

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