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I remember Boi mentioning GST advantage in every article of Tzh when it was 28%, now with only 18% GST they're not mentioning it neither gross term like they did for Bharat or War.

On Side note Record breaking and Highest 1st week grosser of Akki Housefull 4 Fell short of disaster Tubelight and Jai ho Week 1 FFs.
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May be Boi forgot it seems ...

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gareebi samho bhai... kuch record nahi sir ke paas.. itna toh kar hi sakte hai

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You don't say your son is ugly

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That was as savage as it gets.

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BOI - Just Akshay Kumar Things................. Every Thing Is Fair In Love......

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Aaaaaaayyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee.....................kyun thak rahe ho chill yaar

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Bolne do ky fark padta hai, in logo Ko icchaye ek ek kar ke sari puri ho ri h......


It's not Aaaaaayyyyyeee. It's Aaooooooooooooo. Next time use it.


I am sure Tauji will respond to your call Nikeel.

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