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1. Krrish 3 -

Producer = 244.92 Cr

BOI = 183.48 Cr

Diff. = (-61.44 Cr)

2. Bang Bang -

Producer = 181.03 Cr

BOI = 146.06 Cr

Diff. = (-34.97 Cr)

3. Happy New Year -

Producer = 203.00 Cr

BOI = 182.56 Cr

Diff. = (-20.44 Cr)

4. Kick -

Producer = 231.85 Cr

BOI = 211.63 Cr

Diff. = (-20.22 Cr)

5. Chennai Express -

Producer = 227.13 Cr

BOI = 207.69 Cr

Diff. = (-19.44 Cr)

6. Jab Tak Hai Jaan -

Producer = 120.85 Cr

BOI = 101.59 Cr

Diff. = (-19.26 Cr)

7. Kaabil -

Producer = 103.84 Cr

BOI = 86.54 Cr

Diff. = (-17.30 Cr)

8. Son Of Sardaar -

Producer = 105.03 Cr

BOI = 88.68 Cr

Diff. = (-16.35 Cr)

9. Shivaay -

Producer = 100.33 Cr

BOI = 84.83 Cr

Diff. = (-15.50 Cr)


1. Hrithik Roshan - 3

2. Shahrukh Khan - 3

3. Ajay Devgn - 2

4. Salman Khan - 1

* All Producer Figure Taken From Bollywood Hungama Official Site.

* Minimum (-15 Cr) Difference Movie Included In This List.

* Krrish 3, Bang Bang, Happy New Year All Version Taken In The List Rest All Movies Only Hindi Version Included.

* Only Bollywood Movies Included Here.

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Where are MSG The Messenger, MSG 2- The Messenger, MSG: The Warrior Lion Heart, Hind ka Napak Ko Jawab - MSG Lion Heart 2?


That doesn't matter because that movies hardly collected 10 cr mark figure.


One is manipulation king of lifetime and other being of opening

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Krish 3 Is A Benchmark For Manipulation In Lifetime Collections And Happy New Year Is A Benchmark For Manipulation In Opening Day Collections!

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and pioneer of this dirt is none other than our megastar aamir khan who published gajini's 89cr weekend collection to fool public...then delhi belly...then dhoom 3 producer's fig 288cr actual 270cr....PRDP prod. fig 210 cr and actual 194..that too Boi has inflated first week numbers....ett prod. fig 199 actual 185....

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So much Irony for BOI fanboy who makes this post and then says it the reliable source in the world. Cry me a river !!!

SOS, Singham, Singham Returns Shivaay, Raid, De De Pyaar De and ect cross 100cr but BOI bullshits with fake numbers. I can assure that Ajay Devgn's movies in future won't get 100cr even Tanhaji has 150cr budget but BOI will label it as a failure.

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In srk's defence, two of his movies were screwed by BOI updating after some time.
HNY opening by BOI was given as 40+ and after no update for 2 months they deceased if suddenly, simulator JTHJ collections were deceased after 1 week.
Rest were real time differences.

And in which world are you living? Kaabil producer figures are 130-135 crs plus. It should be on number 2.

Aamir might be the pioneer by showing Gajini 200 crs ww but Hrithik is the one who mastered this.

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HNY first day collection must be similar to PK's 3rd day collection or little higher...that is 38-39cr...I dont think so producers has to inflated by 6-7 cr...when for them record was supposed to be broken even with 35cr....actually they are attention seeker...it was time when srk was riding high on success of ce and to reduced srk's such a level they thought they would be labled more authentic than rest...


Thunder show me the link wher they said hny 40cr opening.. they only gave 1st day estimate as 40cr.. but they never gave 1st day figure till pk..


They did that on 25th noon, after that they didn't update anything.

Their article on night had 38-40 crs estimates and then they have 40 crs next day. Then next time they mentioned it was during PK first Sunday.


They again clearly mentioned 40cr as per estimates they never said as its 40cr opening day..

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Yes, boi is sathya harish chandra lol..
He hates hrithik so he gave less figures for his films..
Collections what RR gave also r not genuine, same goes to boi.
Krrish3 and kaabil had rakesh roshan in common, but what about bang bang?
Even if u think these no are manipulated still those films have more footfalls and better verdicts than some 100 film old actors who r still struggling to achieve these.. Haha

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Dikaadi ni apni akki ki aukaat..
I was comparing a film which released in 2012..joker released after agneepath..
Nd u r comparing hf4 with a movie released 3 yrs ago lol..
I think hf4 crossed mjo footfalls on day5..but joker lifetime ff cudnt cross agneepath 1st day ff..there is a difference dude..
Look akki is a big star, but not that big as u r thinking..
He just has 2 2cr ff in 115movies shows his capability at bo..

Ok bro, acc. To u what will be the lt nd ff of hf4?
Can it have 2cr ff?


Look brother may be whatever you are saying is true and Akki is not as big as I see him but if I keep seeing people saying rabbish about him I won't stay quite. Agneepath aur Joker ka example dere ho tum pata hi hogana Joker ko khud Akki ne boycott kar diya tha. Even he didn't want that audience go for that film.
All in all esse hazaro comparison mai bhi de sakta houn but I really want to put this forward that its not against Hrithik, its just the reaction of the people taking shit about Akki in any post here and there (and I believe you know the people I just don't want to mention here). You don't know how great it was for me to see Hrithik in his true blue appearence on big screen in War. I have mentioned about it everywhere that how cool it was to see him like that after such a long time. Even I was so optimistic about it from the day of teaser launch and always predicted it to be a HGOTY which eventually happened and will stay that way.
Seriously, even now I feel that its going to out of way because I can't say more bad about the kind of actor Hrithik is. So, its shutters down from my side. Though will never step back if those people still keep their cheap acts going.


I shall say it again Sandeep. No one hates Akshay. We hate BOI for their biased and dumb commentary. Yes most of us dislike Akshay for his off the screen antics. Last year we had a weirdo making 10 different accounts targetting Khans and praising Akshay hence the negative mood is seen here.

Listen, all this crap talk of Agneepath vs Joker is just timepass. Dont take it too seriously. Chalo, I'll keep my word and avoid getting into all this. Peace out. Enjoy your success and Akshay's latest hit.


Well even I know this is basically just a timepass. Cheers......

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Pappa Roshan had greatest of mathematics knowledge and techniques to add the no so I believe him for Krish 3 but what happened to Bang Bang? Did its producers installed the same methods or was Beta Roshan behind those no. Aur yr Kaabil ko bhi 100cr grosser bana diya. Lolzzzzzzzzzz

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Who denies that? Of course RR heavily manipulated K3 and Kaabil and he will do the same with K4 too.


Any explanation for Bang Bang?


Ku mang re ho explanation banded ki sui akki pe hi Ake atakni hai,...


Haan Sandeep sab karte hain number fudging. HR ne kari thi BB ke time pe. SRK bhi karta hai. There's no saint here in this industry.

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