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First Day: 36cr (Bumper opener)

First Weekend:  93cr

Lifetime collections: 178cr

(Numbers taken from Box Office India)

P.S: Should have made this post two days back though.
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mahn the legendary ....and most famous of all srk movies..... not for the good reasonns obviously....
how one movie could put entire fanbase to delusion of epic level...... it was a viral disease.....and millions suffered...... not even one of them could see it properly .....
the movie which was supposed.....nope.... confirmed to be first 300cr grosser from bollywood.....
the movie which was proudly flaunted as the best movie ever.... that entire fanbase endorsed with pride..... it was the unit......the threshold ...of how good a dance film should be...or a heist film...... or an entertainer..... or a multistarrer.... or a comedy..... it was the best bollywood could do at that point of time..... according to ENTIRE FANBASE...... emphasis on that.....
mahn..... its a miracle.....

as for should be a never trust ..... the opinion and judgement of a hardcore fan...about the merits of something.

by Super-star (160k points)
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But you guys are taking BOI figures, and according to u guys BOI is fake , this one suites ur that's why it is ok na........,

by Set Designer (1.8k points)

Lol! People can't stop ditching about BOI but will always be kneen about BOI figures and data because they have no site which can provide them data with such accurately and method, therefore these people always get exposed here and there.

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Most controversial movie of this forum.

First legendary review of Suhas

Then the drop on Monday.

And the biggest of them all, BOI decreasing it's opening day collections 2 months later.

Also known as the movie which made SRK fans believe that a movie with Anurag Kashyap would be a better choice moving forward.

Followed by celebrations when SRK announced Fan & Raees.

Fast Forward after Fan, Raees release and couple of embarrassments now SRK fans saying b.C in sabse to HNY hi acchhi thi.

What a movie

by Mega Star (218k points)

What? Ranbir In PK?

You Mean Last Scene Of The Movie Where He Was Overshadowed By Aamir!


haha @ rancho just made that comment to annoy intense
i know the truth



Ranbir was in PK? You could have put an extra or a duplicate in his place and no one would notice or care.

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One of the very few movies which I saw FDFS. I personally enjoyed the movie though it had few flaws. SRK, Abhishek, Boman and Deepika were very good. I expected more action scenes in the movie.

by Star (155k points)
0 votes

Shahrukh Khan Last Hit Movie as a Superstar and remain so.......

by Unit Manager (37.5k points)
0 votes

You can realise the value of HNY only after the tortures like Race-3, TOH & Zero

by Editor (89.7k points)

True. HNY is a masterpiece when you seen craps like Race and TOH and Zero.

0 votes

5 Years Of Happy New Year Best Film Ever Trend

Even After 5 Years Many Srk Fans Believe Or Spread Propaganda About HNY Doing 45 Crs On Day 1

by Assistant Director (48.9k points)
0 votes

That time there were plenty of SRK fans on this forum e.g. Real Champ, Rahil, Sihan, Criminal, Bhootnath, Lord Blanka, IamKhan, Saranash, Bhootnathh, Ankit and etc. This is when forum was fun along with other fandoms. I think I reviewed the film in one of Ankit's post a month or a week after the film released.

Film is average when I saw it in cinema although it's similar to The Italian Job but story isn't all that just typically a revenge film that looks predictable. SRK is alright but I think Abhishek Bachchan was funniest in his double role.

by Production Accountant (29.2k points)

Junior B was funny in parts but in the scene he ate his own vomit..... Why Farah why?


Junior B was the most cringeworthy aspect of the movie Nikeel. SRK made the movie watchable.

0 votes

I thought it was decent, not as bad as some say. A few different choices here and there and 30 minutes trimmed and this would've been ATG.

Anyway, I have always said that SRK and Farah should work together again, and will continue to say so.

by Assistant Director (58.4k points)
0 votes

Personally I found this movie quite okay. The last movie of SRK where I was satisfied at least if not overwhelmed. Farah is not bad a director as its been made up. Everyone was okay but I wanted Deepika role a bit more as that was the time when she was at peak and looked boundlessly beautiful.

by Production Accountant (24.5k points)
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The movie I have watched till lovely song..wasted 250 rupees to watch deepika's song in big screen..I walked out after that those days I used to watch a movie for a song of my favourites ..I was fan of deepika too lol.

by Production Designer (14.4k points)
0 votes

Many trolled the movie. But at least it was a Super Hit. After that SRK tried to work with content directors even without reading script. And result is here. SRK must be thinking Farah hi acchi thi. Baaki sabne L laga diya.

by Second Unit Director (78.9k points)

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