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Akshay kumar did moderate budgeted movies with good content in 2006 and 2007 (Phir hera pheri, namaste London, welcome, hey baby, bhool bhualaiya and welcome) and he was on a roll and after that he tried to up his game and did big budget commercial entertainers like tashan, chandni chowk to china, blue etc and all of them falls flat

Now again he make a solid comeback after 2016 with moderate budgeted movies and good content movies and tried to up his game in 2019. First kesari though did hit business but clearly underperformed with less than 1.20cr footfalls for a big scale movie.

Now housefull 4 with a big budget and franchise takes average opening and quite obvious it will be a average /semi hit if not flop/disaster.

Now sooryavanshi might be a safe project due to rohit mass shetty but prithviraj chahuhan looks very risky

Suddenly 2020 which looked like the best year for akshay kumar don't feel so good with laxmi bomb clashing with radhe and bachchan pandey director is legend farhad and bollywood's record of making (non bhansali) historical /period movies
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Yup... Except for during 2007 end to 2009... 5 of his movies..... Featured in top 10 most expensive movies of all time.....
Singh is king
Chandni chowk to China
Kambakht Ishq

And tashan was also very expensive

Imagine that...

Like in today's time.... Having 5 TOH level of budget movies in two years....

He was really huge during those two years...

And the time you should compare him to... Is between 2009-2014

His string of big budget (not biggest budget like 2007-2009) failures...

I think there are about 10 big budget failures (underperformers) during 2009 to 2014...movies....

But yeah... Proves your point...

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Akshay Kumar is a medium level star, he isn't meant to carry big movies, he never did, he'll never will.
His successes were chindi made on small budget and hit in small collections. He was never on the leval of THE KHANS and he won't ever be. Hell always remain a step bellow then.
Hell still remain a bankable and safe options for products but just not that huge star which his fans believe him to be.

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Akshay apne pick per bhi 2cr ff ke liye struggle kar raha hai lagta hai mithun ki tarah jyada movies aur low budget suit karta ha.

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bhai Mithun da was very big star....even in his fading career his movies used to open excellent responses....aadmi, dalal. phool aur angar in early 90s were bigger opener than many so called superstar of that time..he will have more than 30 hits 179-1989...from suraksha, tarana to prem pratigya, mujhrim, guru


Ha, all time greats ka list jab final hoga shyad mithun ka rank akshay se uper hoga .

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1 Khiladi= 3 Khans

3 Khans Are Tier 1 Stars, Akshay Is Tier 3 Stars


Hence Proved

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Dont want to spoil the joke but BOI Themselves Gave This Classification Of Stars In Different Tiers!


Kya formula use kiya hai bro.
I hope Akkians won't cry for Khan's festival releases now, it's not only about final numbers at least khans movie open to strong collection unlike Akki.
It's wom that fails them but Akki can give underperformers with good content.

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.discount Jeetendra..

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Actually Comparing Akshay With Jeetendra Is Insulting For Jeetendra Bcz He Has Many Big Grossers And Blockbusters Along With Multiple Highest Grossers And Biggest Hits Of The Year




Hmm Discount Chalega :p

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Sooryavanshi will be the biggest success of Akshay's career, he need not worry there, RS is the biggest director out there. The rest of his line up could now be a worry, he is not in the top league to carry a high budgeted movie. Clash to ab hoga nahi. Or else both Eid and Xmas shall be an embarrassment for him.

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Rohit shetty's original movies r very mediocre now singham returns dilwale golmal again so I doubt 2.15cr footfalls but cameo of ranveer and ajay will definitely give it a huge boost if rohit shetty succeeds to make one insane climax fight with three of them.


If Sooryavanshi does not do 250cr min, Akshay will never deliver a 200cr grosser in his life. Period. Prithiviraj is big budget and risky now, and the rest have a clash..........which can turn them into disasters.


Don't worry it will beat Simmba's collections with all the backup in the world e.g. Shetty, KJO & Ajay. Akshay needs more than anything.


200 cr bada cheez nahi hai 2 cr ff badi baat hai.

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Akshay never worked with Subhash Ghai, Yash Chopra and Sooraj Barjatya who made careers of many actors and also haven't worked with Aditya Chopra, Karan Johar and Raju Hirani.He never worked with a grand production house YRF who gave blockbusters to many superstars and now he is working with them and also Rohit Shetty but He still has 30 hits and in the industry for 3 decades and still going strong and how many blockbusters salman has without Sooraj and Rakesh before he became superstar as BOI mentioned that he attained stardom after wanted like Sunny after ghayal and srk after ddlj after which they attain megastardom

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Tau make a printed big banner in that type Akshay is bigger than Salman & affix it in every wall of your home & see that every time & be happy ..
Agar galti se bhi bahar aisa boldiye toh log tumhara swagat aisa karenge ke phir dobara kahin bhi swagat ke kaabil nahi rahoge ...

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