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Aao kabhi haveli pe


Epic dancing steps

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Trailer is good means expectation is low. Surprisingly movie turn out to be a good one because trailer story given a good story idea. So don't worry its a blockbuster and i will watch it FDFS. And 3 times in weekend.

answered by Assistant Director (42.1k points)
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The answer to your question is no. It will be a Blockbuster and now the question is will it cross 300cr and gain HGOTY??

answered by Unit Manager (35k points)
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Nah. Will be a hit. Hgoty banna kaafi tough lag raha hai. I found the trailer good, but not excellent.

answered by Super-star (171k points)
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It will be a Blockbuster at the worst case

answered by Editor (87.7k points)
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It'll be a Blockbuster, we need just 2-3 Chartbuster songs and the job is done.

answered by Assistant Director (56.2k points)
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This will be 1st 400 crore bollywood movie

answered by Location Scout (4.4k points)

It will do that on pk or jaado planet where tubelight was atb


Bhaiyaji smile ujda chaman abhi baal nahin aaaye to me j ke karke deta ho uo bhi free mai

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flop to bht door ki baat hai......even if movie doesn't do 100cr....even then it will never ever be a flop.... salman khan im sure has already made 300cr + profit from this movie..... just like every other movie of his before release....

anyways abhe second trailer ana baaqi hai ..... first ya second week of december........ aur music bhe agar hit ho gaya..... to you never know.....

answered by Super-star (166k points)
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answered by Cinematographer (94.4k points)

srk acted well but salman will be zero in the film


Abe Akal ke andhe ..
I'm not criticising Srk here instead i was telling that nobody aka 0 will expect it to flop ..

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currently salmans film can never be outright flop and that too on edx.
only way salman film could get flop is if films like tubelight releases on nonholiday..

anyways dabangg will be superhit if not blockbuster..250 cr minimum due to xmas and ny period..

answered by Location Manager (7.1k points)
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Will be hit in worst case considering it's a sequel and Salman is back in masala genre with Xmas holidays and solo release.

answered by Star (160k points)
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No it's a Sequel or Franchise ...
But jaisa kii maine bola tha Bharat debacle ke baad Salman kii wo sab Movie chlgi jo uski movies ke sequel honge jaise Dabangg,,Kick,,Tiger etc..
Prr iske alawa sab thukegi even RADHE ye bhi movie tab chlgi jab iska Content acha hoga nahi to RACE 3 se bhi bura thukegi wo time gya jab Average bhi iski chlti thi 2010-12 me Ab Golden run se bahar hai

answered by Production Designer (13.4k points)
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neither flop nor blockbuster
just hit

answered by Unit Manager (37.4k points)
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200cr karegi verdict semihit/ hit hona chahiye.because next week good news aayegi.

answered by Production Designer (13.1k points)
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It will be a underperformer with max 150cr

answered by Assistant Director (53.4k points)

200cr to karegi hi. It needs to a horror of a movie to fall to 150cr lt


Ideally it should outscore Bharat but the buzz is low lets see if music can do any trick


I feel Inspite of it not being better than Bharat but will do more ..

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It won't be outright flop. SS will be on fire. If Mardaani 2 gets good reviews then in Multiplex the business will be hampered.

answered by Editor (80.3k points)

Mardaani2 ya goodneewwz

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