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So guys, Bhai ki movie ka trailer release hua hai and we at TBO AKA thunder box office are now excited than ever.

Because in Dabangg 3, the movie has not just chulbul pandey but many of his other iconic characters, so please tell us your most awaited character to watch in the movie.

Chulbul Pandey (duh) (9 votes, 90%)
Sultan Ali Khan (younger version) (0 votes)
Bharat (younger version again) (0 votes)
Prem Dilwala (Ek shot me hai) (0 votes)
Laxman (from Tubelight..yeh bhi hai ek shot me) (1 vote, 10%)
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Hahahaha that is actually true... Ye sab character hain trailer main.... My favorite is Sultan from first poster of movie sultan..... which is shown here in the end of the trailer... Of dabangg 3....

The disappointment comes... Because its supposed to be salman khan.... The megastar.... Biggest star... And he makes this kinda stuff...... And it becomes evident that he's not even trying... 60% of trailer has copy paste scenes... And these scenes are not just copied once but twice.... Its pathetic... Movie is actually 40%.... The prequel part... Rest will most probably be copy paste...

The only way you can love this trailer is because..... either... You are an idiot.... Or an idiot fan... Or did not have any hopes from it.... You can see and check your category.... Where you fit...

THOUGH I did not have any hopes from it.... There was still like room for a surprise... So I'm not really bothered by it...

If movie is good it will still work... No doubt about it

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Chulbul Pandey

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Salman is bringing back all his well known characters from this decade in D3, so it's basically SCU.

Bas ek french bread look hoti to Kick bhi shaamil ho jaati.

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I knew it even b4 that ..
The difference between Dabangg & its sequels is that the former has soul & emotions which the latters doesn't ..

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most versatile star. 6 roles in 1 movie after just 6 months.
apart from Tolkien level story.

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Ohooo hate campaign has started good lage rho victim card bhi tyyar rkhna

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Nothing shocking i have been saying this since prabhudeva was announced as the director the movie is going to fail
The wave is against the khans this will be better or on par with Simbaa but will still do less than Simbaa

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Audience should teach salman a lesson if movie is crap trailer is pathetic and low class War trailer is Oscar class against this trailer salman is looking no where close to Hrithik and Tiger who are greatest action superstars and their action is never fake like in race 3 where salman was flying at a higher speed than iron man in avengers no chance of dabangg 3 beating War, Saaho and Avengers who will remain the top films and it will be the first time that hollywood film will be hgoty and bollywood is struggling against South and hollywood film

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