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Your last comment ...


Irdwhelp...leave it....hum dono ka yarana hai...chalta hai


Well ther nothing abusive or personal in that comment.. i said he is nazayez kid of tauji for his bakwas behaviour just like tauji..


@playboy whatever it is everyone shd obey the rules failing which will be liable for action ..
Still you didn't edited your foul comment ...

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This is much better than the previous one. I honestly liked it. I was expecting worse with PD at the helm, but this is nice. Chulbul's mass dialogues are really good here.

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dabangg or Ghatak
bodyguard or Ziddi
ett or The Hero
dabangg 2 or Vishwatma
jai ho or Jeet
Kick or Vishwatma
tzh or Gadar
dabangg 3 can be better than Tridev, Ghayal and Border

hud hud dabangg dabangg


Waiting for Intense answer to which these films are better.


Nah, wont waste time on that. You alone are enough to answer him.


Intense m planning to watch war today at 4.30pm.. is ther any bore element.. m watching only for Visuals n action..

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Are you kidding are you fuckin kidding me not even a single decent mass hero elevation scene damn prabhudeva just did what i thought he will do
150cr at max

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Bbbbbb Bingo..!!


Knew it the moment i walked out of Bharat itself

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A big bore.. Salman hasn't learned his lesson.

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Movie will be easily blockbuster no matter what simply on par with Dabangg and story wise will b superior to dabangg Chulbul dabangg dabangg Main hoon dabangg dabangg

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Tod - Fod 20th Dec 2019 at the box office.

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Im going to watch with fans today in pvr forum kormangala exited

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Superb trailer !!

It was a lot better than I expected but this is going to be better than Dabangg 2. Everything up to standard with mass action and good face-off with Salman & Sudeep. This is the Salman Khan which masses want him and he's looking great. Sudeep will nail his role and his eyes show it.

As for HGOTY & 300cr, It will be a very tough task for it to beat WAR. It needs to gain a good response and word of mouth.

Last but not least for Bhai fans favourite GIF

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Look like old madrasi masala movie of jitendra.

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...got the pleasure of watching Salman Khan as a force of nature

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opening door scene ...seen already..... twice....not interested....plus doesn't look interesting

climax scene ...seen already....twice ....so not interested ....also doesn't look interesting

sonakshi's cingeworthy role unbearable .....watched twice......and can't believe...... wooden character is still here.....not interested at all.....skip

prequel k 30-40 minute......... + ...sudeepp........ are new...while sudeep's character looks interesting.... ..... if they can handle the heartbreak of his GF's death ...and how it changed him..... movie might turn out to be good...... if they have proven the reasoning of chulbul's character turning a gunda.........it might be good....

rest of the movie looks to be edited from dabangg 1 and 2....... even shots are similar.....

so....for trailer................... SKIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP........

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Reverse jinx abhi se chalu ?


@Intense nope bro ..
Dabangg -3 isn't exciting at all ..
Salman didn't learn from Dabangg-2 & Race -3 but stll taking his stardom & fans for granted ....


See honestly it is not that bad, haan naya kuch nahi hai par isse boht kharab bhi ho sakta hai. Look at it that way.

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This is epic..Every records will be gone this christmas

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records ka ghanta bajega ho sakta hai


Jali na teri handpump k fan

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Not bad I would say. But they should have a factor which can make it appeal to A centres as much as it will be appeal to B and C centres something which was there is Simbaa.
Anyways three minus point in trailer:-
1. No clapworthy dailogue.
2. Music and Dance should have been added.
3. Too long, should have been trimmed to 2 and half minute.

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Typical masala trailer ..... Prabhu deva style.....

Chulbul pandey rocks......

250 cr will be done....

answered by Assistant Director (51.8k points)
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Blockbuster in loading......this Christmas chulbul will entertain each and every one opening day will be huge and weekend also.... Rest depend on content let see

answered by Art Director (2.7k points)
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40cr opening day, 400cr lifetime

answered by Executive Producer (66.4k points)

That would still be double than the opening day of zero but keep the victim card and hatred going


40 Cr Opening Can Happen But 400 Crs Lifetime Seems To Be Impossible!


@Rancho: who knows, Prabhu Deva can spring a surprise. there must be something about D3 that made Salman sign him for Radhey as well.


This guy is weird.....

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Kuch Khaash Nahi Laga But Not Bad At All.

Will Watch It For Sure As It Is I Rarely Miss Commercial Films Of Big Stars.

1 Scene I Didnt Like In This Trailer Was- When Salman Takes Belt To Beet Goon And His Pant Falls, Don't Like Watching A Massy Superstar In A Massy Film In This Way!

answered by Assistant Director (51.1k points)

dabangg 3 will be competing with toh as zero will be much better at least srk did a good job


When TOH Ended It Run At The Box Office It Had Already Crossed Highest Grosser Of Akshay Kumar At The Box Office


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Why salman bhai y?
Same introductions break doors..
Same constable comedy..
Same sand fights..
Come up with tzh type of movies...
Dabangg flavour is gone now..
In early 2010 there was trend for these masala movies, not now..
Anyways minimum 250 cr Coz of xmas nd ny.. But crossing war wont be that easy..

answered by Location Manager (7.1k points)
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Lol, kuch to naya daal dete chicha.

Kisi aur ko promotion chahiye? Haan, we want promotion. From same copy paste sequences. Aur normally laat maar ke darwaja todte the, this time broke a metal fuk.cing door with one punch.

If was impactful first time in 2010, that's it, don't need to repeat of over and over again. Also bhojpuriness barkaraar rakhi gayi hai, and Chulbul Pandey as a character ko pura nichod diya, wohi ka wohi, kuch thora sa different kar dete, aadha adhura hi sahi.

And finally, why the fuk.c is Salman's look and hairstyle same in his every movie since Dabangg, matlab his younger look is ditto copy of young sultan or young bharat and that, kuch change nahi karne to kam se kam looks thore change kar lo, hairstyle wagehrah.

Normally people remakes other movies, Bhai remakes his own movies. But then his movies are his movies, none of our movies, so he can do whatever he wants to do.

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And remake of prequel is a sequel and that only bhai can do.


"remake of prequel is a sequel"

WTF Bhai roxxxx

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This is bad honestly or below avg at max not a single scene where I can say WOW that too in an out n out mass movie cheap dialogues wtf is that policewala gunda dialogue salman should stop working with these 2rs director even his acting get worse with bad directors look at his performances in Ali abbas movie and others zameen aasman ka farq

answered by Location Manager (7k points)
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It looked, sounded good only in 1st two lines may be to be precise upto 1st 20 seconds ..
Then it started like the same Dabangg-2 & Jai ho type of action ...
In best possible case could cross Simba ..
Kabir Singh & War are too far to reach ..
Congratulations WAR will remain the HGOTY ...

answered by Cinematographer (94.2k points)

Dabangg 2 trailer was class


Naah ..
Dabangg -2 was a copy paste of Dabangg sans soul & emotions ..


Movie was but trailer was received very well na


Yeah that i agree ..

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What to say. The Same Dabangg Template and Ctrl + C & Ctrl + V. The flashback is the new here. And The Habildar Gun Shot scene. I mean WTF. He was standing still after getting shot by a *** bullet. Kya mazak hai. The Shirtless scene is the only saving grace.

1/5 for the trailer.

answered by Editor (80.3k points)
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Neither good nor bad... but more on bad side..

answered by Unit Manager (33.7k points)

so 400cr is confirmed....


@playboy there you go ....

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Nothing new. Still movie become easily super hit.

answered by Casting Director (18.4k points)
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Crap. but that was expected since the Tolkien of India has written the script.
the final nail in the coffin of Chulbul pandey and Sallu.
War and kabir singh are safe.

answered by Unit Manager (37.4k points)

Nothing is safe.... If movie is well made and get accepted


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Looks like a 140 crores flop.

answered by Editor (89.6k points)
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It might be better than dabangg 2 due to Sudeep as salman needs a superstar from south to make this film successful no interest in salman film better watch Karan Arjun where salman did some good work

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@Nikhil nice signal ...
Yeh pyar barkarar rahe ...
Dono ki jodi Salamat rahe ...


Here is a song which can be used to explain the current situation.


@Intense Savage ...


Hahaa, thanks for the songs. Makes me realise how much I loved Sonali Bendre in the 90s as well as Ajay Devgn and still do.