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Don't post the Tanhaji poster. I've posted it already.

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I don't care about Rajjo because Chulbul Pandey is enough for me to feel excited about the film. Speaking of excitement, something big today is going to be revealed for Tanhaji. Can't wait and good see some news about Ajay Devgn.

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Dont care. I find her so damn irritating.

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Waiting for Chulbul Pandey and Bali , nothing more

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Nobody cares all we want is Chulbul Pandey

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Does anybody care for Sonakshi. Why Prabhu Deva obsessed with Sonakshi.

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Should have taken a new actress this time. This Sonakshi is talentless, wonder how she gets movies.


No one bats an eye in Sonakshi's case. But in case of Hrithik they brings Rakesh Ji.

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