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7 Answers

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by Editor (89.7k points)
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Radhe is a official adaptation of Korean movie the outlaws. I watched it on youtube. Its a good action movie with good emotional scenes. Its good movie for Salman and suited for Salman's personality.

by Unit Manager (37.5k points)
0 votes

As usual Salman Khan with Radhe

by Editor (80.8k points)
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Hope it is Salman's best since 2016 Eid

by Star (156k points)
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Its Bhag aki Bhag 2 i guess..

by Unit Manager (33.1k points)
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It's very common with Salman khan films.... ... Climax is being shot first..

by Super-star (160k points)

That's because he is in his best physique now. Don't want to let it go waste. Plus all the heavy duty stuff shot first would give them enough breathing space to shoot only the romantic songs towards the end. The pattern has worked out well throughout the decade for Salman Khan's films. Saves time & a lot of money. Also no last minute hazzles in relation with important scenes.

–1 vote

BAck to Back film with Prabhu Deva is not good. Akshay haat jayega yaa fir ego ke clash honge.

by Second Unit Director (78.9k points)

Dhoom 3


Dhoom and AJ had same story at first?


The twin brother angle, taking revenge.

Post Dhoom 3, they couldn't really re-work their script. They took Thimiru/Padayappa's vamp character & wove a story around it. If Prabhu had simply remade Thimiru as it is then it might have worked. But he tried to force it into the twin angle & then the whole second half of twins exchanging to fool the villain was taken straight up from two dozen Telugu films. He just couldn't get it to work.

What do you think went wrong with Action Jackson ?

When we started Action Jackson, I knew the film wouldn’t work. I don’t blame Prabhu Deva for that. Our bad luck was that after we had put up the set and were about to begin shooting, we realised the story was similar to Dhoom 3. Prabhu tried his best to revamp the script, but we still went ahead with it as the producers were incurring losses. It was an emotional decision, but I wouldn’t want any producer to face such losses.


Thank you bhai.......

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