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@Baadshah bro thank you ...


i love you TB is good to get as sorted as early as possible....i think u r around 22 now jo bnda 18-22 wala phase guzaar ly, he is done with immaturity.....and then he is okay with himself, confident at what he thinks about NOT HAVING A GIRLFRIEND as he has faced all that ''mard nhn hai kya, larki nhn set hoti tjhse'' type crap....u r going to have a great life


Don't know about you, but I've never faced this, no one said anything like that,and if anyone asks it someday, straight reply would be "faaltu kamo ke liye time nahi apne paas"


i faced it cz at early age till 20, i used to troll them by joking about their girlfriends, now when i think what crap i used to say at them time, it even haunts me i hurted them a lot.......some just desperately wanted me to have a girlfriend and make me suffer, thats why they used to tease me....last resort for them

And yeah, there is that lot at that time also who thinks that one who doesn't have a girlfriend is not mature u have to deal with that crap too

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you can read my entire story here:

short version: yes we did break up, and now my entire philosophy for relationships has changed. my next girlfriend, if there is one, will be the one I marry.

by Assistant Director (58.5k points)


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I fell in love 1st And Last Time in class 8, We Were In A Relationship For 5 Years (8-12) But She Cheated Upon Me And Broke Up For Another Boy.

I Hate Her Like Anything.

I Have Been In Relationships Even After That But They Haven't Lasted That Long Moreover I Haven't Been That Serious In Any Of Them!

by Assistant Director (49k points)

Nope. I've had my times like winning back to back WC's like Australia. Unlike someone who started crying in the rain in 2015...
P.S: it is choking, not chocking


sahi, i was asking about how many months to be m just doing research on average months men take to's kinda survey

choking, Trump ny bhi last night same mistake ki.....i was about to write same @Intense


It was a long relationship Baadshah, took me around 6 months to start dating again.


oh.....6 months is a long time....May God give you a lot better

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No, we were childhood friend or you can say childhood lover and we are still together even after a decade.
I'm glad that I haven't experienced that pain.

by Assistant Director (50k points)

That's great man. Best wishes to you.


dude... its cruel to say such things out in public.....

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by Editor (89.8k points)

Lol, yes I am. Bas aise hi pucha. I thought we usually keep asking on cricket and movies and stuff already.


Then its fine ..
Remember what Aamir told in Ishq ...

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Yeh sab chu***** wale kaam nahi karta mai, people like you do this lmao.

by Mega Star (218k points)

Bol toh aise raha hai jaise ki isko koi ladki pasand hi nahi ho

Anyway there's no shortage of phonies/pretenders on the internet who can say all that shit where they say don't like those cheesy things couples do, but to really accept that someone broke your heart and chose some other man over you, takes courage.


@Seinfeld well you got me. You see i have this who i like, but gharwale are against it, I'm still trying that i can convince them but chances are less, but i will continue trying to convince them for my relationship with her.

You see her name is..... TVS Apache RTR 160, i like her, and i want her.

That's my story..... And regarding girl matter, no thanks, i'm not a phoney, and it's genuinely cheesy and a troll material for me.


@TB go for some other brand as Tvs is not a solid brand like Hero, Honda & Suzuki ....


But product is awesome na, Apache RTR is best in it's class. Besides i like it's look too. Also did i mention that it's awesome?

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Your question is significant at 5% level of significance

by Production Designer (14.8k points)
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i dont know how you guys do it...... get females for yourself...... when it comes to me......when they see me coming.... they run......

btw to answer your question...... i have been falling in love since the time immemorial
its always been one sided lol

i had a crush on an older woman when i was about 8 or 9 ..... woman must have been about 28 or something like that.....

the first girl i liked..... i must have been 10 years old ..... she was same age.... she was our neighbor ...i flew kite with her once and i was like this is true love. lol ...within next three months...they moved away and i was devastated lol

second girl i liked..... during my college days ..... i would just keep staring at her but wouldn't go and talk to her.... so out of nowhere one day she started talking to me.... and after that i was like...thats it.... my life is fulfilled .... she left college after a week lol i swear

then couple more years passed...i was doing my bachelors.... saw a girl had a huge crush on her.... .... fell flat for her.... had a class with her.... after class was over.... i turned to her.... to have a polite conversation..... said how good she looks and be friends... she and her friend sitting with her...they both got up went straight to dean's office....and filed a case against me for sexual harassment lol

my HOD called me to his office.... explained everything whats gonna happen next..... there would be hearing in front of entire management ... he saved from expulsion ... but got suspended and final warning... lol

so naturally its been a dry spell since i was a kid....

by Super-star (160k points)

Filed a case for harassment? You kidding me @grand??? If yes, have to say that is bloody unlucky.


lol i swear....




...... Yes...

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I'm yet to witness that pain as I would be marrying my first and last love.

Feel bad for you though bro.. hota hai

by Unit Manager (37k points)
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never had a relationship so breaking up with someone never happened but yeah lost contact with my first crush bcoz of some misunderstanding
Really hope she would have atleast stayed friends with me but its ok now i don't care i actually love being Single

by Assistant Director (49.5k points)

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