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As we all know  that Srk is going through a career low, no hit since last 5 years. Aamir suffered a big blow with Thugs. While Sallu last two releases just did face-saving numbers. Aamir is going to face clash next year on Xmas, a first in over a decade.Though I expect it to be a one sided clash, still the wounds and effects of the Thugs are visible. Srk next is with Ali which will release in 2021, a hit after 7 years, hopefully. While Sallu is back to Bhojpuri cinema with D3 and Radhe.

Meanwhile Akshay and Ajay are going through their best phases and Hrithik has made a great come back. Their upcoming line up is way better than Khans. Big action movies, content driven as well as multi starrers to be directed by good directors. The current political scenario is also not in Khans favour and age is also not on their side.

Jungle ke Sher badal rahe hein kya?

P.S. Don't come up with things like MM is Superhit while Bharat is Semihit. Budgets and release period also matters. Also there were many instances in the past where the budget of Akshay/Hrithik movies were way higher and Sallu/Aamir movies budgets were low.
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I personally think that its all bullshit. There is a simple thing that give a good product and get the good result. Only for SRK you can say that his stardom has fallen from where it was in the start of the decade. His movies are not just failing to get good lifetime but also he has not given huge openings in last half a decade. On the other hand Aamir khan has just given his first failure in this decade (that too in after record opening) and people have started to write him off. Comes the 1st day of LSC and every cloud over his stardom will diminish. LSC is the biggest contender for HGOTY ( as I think it will release solo). Then comes the Salman who have just given a 40cr plus opening and a lifetime of almost 200cr with a movie like Bharat which was a boredom bucket. It was as bad as TL or even more, the only thing that kept it above TL is Salman was not playing a physical and mentally challenged person who gets beaten up by bad guys.
So, bro if you want movies like TOH, Bharat and Zero to earn 300cr then its not the fault of audience, its your fault to expect this much from such bad movies. Its the fault of Khans who aren't choosing the right content. Otherwise, audience still love them and in a good movie they'll shower the love over them all over again.

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Best answer is here
Movies like Bharat or Race3 doesn't deserve to earn even half of what it did


You should be amazed that Salman Khan took it to that level otherwise I won't watch such movies even if i get paid for that.
All Salman movies since Sultan has been garbage with TZH being only about average.
It's just his MEGASTARDOM and holidays pushing it .


Bharat Is Always Better Than Race 3 And Tubelight Is Worst Film By Salman In This Decade, I Cant Say How Pathetic It Was, Bharat Was A Decent Film, Shouldn't Be Compared With Crap Tubelight!


Yes bro....
People are not fool to go for movies like Race 3 and Bharat in hordes like they went for TZH or Sultan. If some other star would have starred in those movies result could have been worse.

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Salman gave a 100cr weekend with a crap like Race3. Bharat did 197cr, I dont think you call that face saving do you? Same goes for Aamir. Gave a record opener with TOH. He's huge. If they play their cards well, they will retain their megastardom till 2024-25.

HR has made a grand comeback, Akshay and Ajay are always gonna be there, par jungle ke do sher abhi bhi SK aur AK hi hain

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+1 Nice answer. hope Hrithik and Aamir increase his volume of movies in next decade at least 15 movies is a good volume.


15 Toh Jyada Bol Diye 10 Bhi Karle Kam Se Kam :p

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why do people brag about 3 stars considering as one?
talk about individual performances rather than khans.
in 2000 decade we bragged khans when srk was performing well and aamir also had huge hits in 2008 nd 2009 but salman was underperforming and was having poor run.
but still khans and sallu got benefited.
HRITHIK was at no.2 and akki was also better than salman.

now in 2010's where srk last 5 yrs in this decade has been disastrous still we r bragging about khans.srk got benefitted as sallu and aamir continue to dominate BO.

3 khans are not brothers that we brag about.
using khans word itself is like categorizing amongst current stars we have.

its just simple that do good films and any star will have good run at boxoffice.
and do films according to age and strengths of an actor.

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Like We Say Kapoors And Kumars In The Similar Way We Say Khans

Difference Is Just Like Unlike 3 Khans 3 Kumar's Or 3 Kapoor's Haven't Dominated The Industry As Biggest Stars During Same Era


so if 2 khans perform well then third khan will automatically get benefited.

good scheme...


@Hirithikiantilldeath (dude you could have easily chosen a much shorter name) Agree with you here big time. People really forget the thing that 3 Khans compete among themselves as well if their movies do good then its not because of other two Khans. Its on the merits of their own and their stardom. To just cover up the failures of their favorite they will use the name of other 2. Lol...

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As par Godfather calculation Aayushman is bigger star than Akshay Kumar.

Comparision Aayushman vs Akshay last 2 years -

Blockbuster -

Aayushmaan - Badhaai Ho
Akshay -

Super Hit -

Aayushmaan - Dream girl, Andhadhun
Akshay - Mission Mangal, 2.0 (due to Rajnikanth film side role)


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andhadhun is a hit not super hit.


@Godfather jayada gyan na pelo kuch bhi knowledge nahi hai box office ka. Stardom measure opening not lifetime.

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I don't want to include Hrithik in my answer because he doesn't have consistent movie releases.

The main reason Khans are lagging behind Ajay & Akshay is because they don't know what genre is trending and what is being rejected. Ajay in 18 had Raid, film is based on a real life incident, in 19 he had 2 releases both were comedies. His upcoming films are Tanhaji (historical ), Bhuj (war; patriotic film) and Maidaan (biopic), he'll also be making a cameo appearance in Sooryavanshi.

Akshay on the other hand is all over the place, he had Kesari (historical), Mission Mangal (real incident, patriotic, women empowerment). His upcoming films in 19 are Housefull 4 (comedy) & Good Newwz (drama; can't put a genre on this) In 2020, Sooryavanshi (masala); Laxmmi Bomb (horror comedy); Prithviraj (historical) & Bachchan Pandey (masala).

What do the Khans have?
SRK - no idea, most likely action film
Salman - Dabang 3 (masala); Radhe (masala); Kick 2 (masala)
Aamir - LSC (comedy-drama); Mogul (biopic)

Khans don't have consistency and they are always last in the genre race, they arrive when the field is already empty (especially SRK) and they always want to make an event film. They need to have regular releases and need to keep the budget in check.

I'm an SRK fan so I'll say this about him: I think he is living in a bubble where everyone just says "you are the best" and "you can do no wrong"; his fanbase keeps defending him, they need to start being honest, his last few films haven't been upto par, he needs stop doing vfx heavy films and Aditya/Yash Chopra love stories.

PS: BO collection means very little to me, I'm not going to get a portion of the money if I defend my favorite in these forums or twitter.

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When Salman Khan had most number of hits in the 90s, they say Sunny and Srk movies open better.
When Bharat is bumper opener, it's again called face saving.
What a hypocrisy!

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Naah Khans are still optimum (Salman and Aamir).
Yeah negativity is all time high, but in a right movie they are still notch above others.
They still command respect and fear, see Salman's movies are underperforming since long still he's getting solo edx releases same goes for Aamir.
Honestly you should be amazed that Salman Khan took it to that level otherwise I won't watch such movies even if i get paid for that. They did more than double of their merit.
All Salman movies since Sultan has been garbage with TZH being only about average at best.
It's just his MEGASTARDOM and holidays pushing it .
yeah audience was little too harsh on toh it wasn't as bad as the above but notches below expectations from a Aamir movie.
And look at Srk, how horrible his choices has been, a movie like zero is a disaster at script level itself, can't imagine how Srk agreed to do it.
They have to do good movies, expectations are more from a Khan movie so their failures will be more bashed.
So you should get used it.

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Unlike Aamir & Salman, SRK is in a terrible position to the point where the audience doesn't have any faith in him as far as choices of films goes. He hasn't got a clue about today's audiences and what they even want. Salman & Aamir have still got that trust from the audience despite little flaws e.g. Tubelight, Bharat, Race 3 & TOH. Not to mention. TOH & Bharat took massive opening at Box Office shows signs that they still have stardom. Race 3 scored 100+cr the BO and it's not even considered a Flop.

Ajay Devgn & Akshay Kumar quite professional and they have an understanding of the audience who demand a good cinematic feel hence why Indian Cinema is evolving. That's why they are balancing every genre with the capability to choose different subjects that can meet requirements for the masses and classes e.g. Raid, Kesari, Drishyam, TEKPK & etc. Soon to be Tanhaji, Maidaan, Chanakya, Sooryavanshi & Prithviraj Chauhan. They may not be as big as Khans but they smarter to know what is best and how they can adapt to make use of what they currently have. It's about having a good mindset to survive longer which these two have because the audience are choosy as far as spending money on a good product.

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Akshay clashing with Aamir hmm that's interesting.........

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Salman Khan possess good stardom still now. But with his choices he need to be careful. Otherwise couple more underperformer and Exhibitors will lose trust.

For SRK his movie choices post Ra.One is plain horrible. Audience doesn't trust him anymore. He needs 2-3 good movies to regain the trust.

As for Aamir LSC needs to work. If it underperforms then it will be hard for him to comeback.

Akki is going through his purple patch. Ajay too selecting good movies. Hrithik just announced his return with HGOTY. So khan movies have to work big otherwise AAH trio will takeover.

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AAH Yeh Kaisa Naam Diya Hai


Hindu Superstars would have been better like Akkians and some Ajay fans claim on Twitter.


Not Some Roman, All Akshay Fans

Some Should Be Used For Ajay Fans Also Hrithik Fans As Well!


@AAH is initial for the three of them.

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you are absolutely right king........

first of all ..... respect

secondly ....
the kind of movies salman khan aamir khan srk are giving.....this decade or even after 2016 in case of aamir khan and salman khan..... or even srk .... they have been giving exactly the same quality of movies throughout their entire career...... srk has always been worst in terms of quality ..... salman khan was relatively good in terms of quality in 2000s ...while aamir khan is in his own league since lagaan..... nothing has changed...... the only thing that has...is audience......
they are not tolerant now..as they were before thanks to the reach of social media and general media

where they didn't improve ..... is in coping up with trends

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Khans are old. As a salman fan since childhood days I am eagerly waiting for bhaijaan and aamir to retire from bollywood so I can also stop caring much about bollywood and only watch the bollywood movies that have very good wom.

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Reality of dominance of salman and aamir before this decade

Dominance is decided by openings and weekends so top openings and weekends since 90 are

90- Aaj ka Arjun
91- Hum
92- Khuda gawah
93- Khalnayak
94- Insaniyat
95- Trimurti
96- Khiladiyon ka Khiladi
97- Border
98- BMCM
99- Hindustan ki Kasam
00- Mission kashmir
01- Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
02- Devdas
03- LOC kargil and KHNH
04- MHN and Veer Zaara
05- Mangal Pandey
06- Krrish and Dhoom 2
07- OSO
08- Ghajini
09- 3 idiots

aamir had 3 top openings and weekends while srk had 5 top openings and weekends but salman had no film as top opening and weekend so where is the dominance it is just a myth and only srk had done well in single screen period with Amitabh, Sunny, Govinda and Ajay top superstars of single screen period while Hrithik was Top superstar of last decade with 5 films in top 10 but his choices of films after Dhoom 2 didn't made him top superstar of the decade while Akshay was also consistent and terrific in 2nd half of the decade but fans of aamir and salman consider them ruling since three decades which is wrong as they were not even stars in the first half of 90's and became superstar in the middle stage of their career as mentioned by BOI so before this decade only one khan srk dominated the box office on stardom

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A slight mistake,' on mega-stardom', isn't it?

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