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Or is it Tiger- Hrithik Factor?
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For me....and people I talk to !!!..
It was Pure HR-Tiger combo..from the day film was announced....

from the day when trailer was released ...it was combo factor for their ACTION...

from the day song was released ....it was combo factor for their DANCE STEPS.....

so it just keep on adding to it / building the hype.......

answered by Unit Manager (32.2k points)
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war received excellent WOM.....at the very least it is a very good WOM....

war and bang bang had the best release dates of the decade.... but bang bang had a clash ..... gave away quite a big chunk of screens..... had it not....it would have been a 200cr grosser may be.... and similar range of footfalls as war....

bang bang was a bad movie....war is a bad movie as well... but HR has a huge level of goodwill ...had it been a khan movie.... people would have come at it with everything they've got...... by now khans would have been declared deshdrohi lol ........

anyways...... people missed him..... movie's merit is definitely not even average..... forget good or very good ..the way its performing....

P.S. i would personally anyday..... rank bang bang above war..... just for HR character.....

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Bang bang is total garbage....

War is far better than bang bang....

answered by Assistant Director (51.8k points)
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Hrithik And Tiger work in a Single film is the biggest Thing...... and after watching the film Bang Bang screenplay is poor and many scenes is unnecessary there. But war screenplay is tight and very good entertainer.

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I disagree here. BB was mediocre. War isn't a great movie by any means, but it a good entertainer. Yes there are flaws but the movie is engaging till the end.

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Because Bang bang was hrithik movie but War is Tiger shroff

answered by Casting Director (18k points)

Yeah, just like Sanju was a Hirani movie.

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first of all oct2nd -dushera is never a great period..
releasing films on hindu festival is never a great period in bwood ..
thats the reason all the big grossers have come on eid and xmas..

but films like sanju,kabir singh,baahubali which had extra ordinary wom doesnt need festivals..
and coming to bangbang ,it never had engaging screen play to get hooked like war had..
if war also had screenplay like bangbang then film would have wrapped up within 200-210cr..

nonetheless bangbang was a successful film with 1.5cr ff which is decent enough..
and there was a difference of 33-35cr collection between producer and boi..
god should know what is truth..

answered by Location Manager (7.1k points)
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No way bang bang was better than war bang bang was not engaging, had no story, poor dialogues poor supporting cast, poor villians and many other flaws WAR is much better than that movie and that's why the trending was poor of bang bang its all wom but yeah tiger has definitely contributed which can be seen in opening figures but trending depends on wom and the difference between bang bang and WAR is due to WOM

Difference between war and bang bang is same as between ek tha tiger and tiger zinda hai both the content and business. ETT ffs were 70-75lakhs short of TZH, bang bang footfalls will be 70-90 lakhs sort of WAR

answered by Location Manager (7k points)

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