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War is heading to be the top grosser of the year as it holds strongly on Wednesday. The film has held its collections very well as it looks to be around 11 crore nett plus on Wednesday. The collections may even reach 12 crore nett as the evenings should see better collections at multiplexes.



The drop is in the 40-45% from Friday which is excellent as its coming off the holiday period with a seven day run already behind it. Kabir Singh is the highest grosser so far this year with 276 crore nett and those figures should be surpassed pretty easily.



The extended first week is looking to be around 227 crore nett for the film which is a huge total and with it pretty certain to be the highest grosser of the year the only real question that remains is that will the film become the biggest HIT of the year till date and that will depend on how well the film holds from Friday onward.



The competition is weak till Diwali and Housefull 4 but it is also the dull pre diwali period. But with no competition and film basically doing single digit numbers from here on the pre diwali period should not affect it much.
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If second Friday holds well, might as well get up to 310cr. That is how you make a comeback with a 300cr movie and HGOTY.

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War diwali tak 300 cr cross kar legi...................

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so super hit is confirmed...........excellent or very good WOM ..... and footfalls should cross PRDP if it does 320cr...which seems like it will.

350cr was par for this movie before release...looks like it has achieved that .....

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Kahin Devdas Aur Raaz Wala Haal Na Ho Jaaye

It Was Last Time When Highest Grosser And Biggest Hit Of The Year Were Different

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Dont worry hrithik hater, by the end of this weekend war will be close to 270-275cr and by the end of third week war will be biggest hit crossing ff and everything...

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HR fans dont need to say anything now. All haters silenced.

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