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i assume

Suhas will be twice once in multiplex once in single screen

imran would be 5 times at least

nitin k would be three times

intense would be once on 1st saturday or sunday

ssk would be like 3 times in price of one

roman would be first day first show

seinfeld first day as well

ajay first day as well .... possibly first day first show
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More than 3 times (4 votes, 50%)
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Two times is the norm. And more likely to watch it again on 27th Dec too. So probably 3.

Btw shopping at Being Human on 27th Dec count?

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3 times at least,may be ten times if the situation of Sultan repeats.I feared it may fold below 300 by a whisker and did my little bit

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If its better than D1or same level atleast 7 to 8 times

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Once. I mostly watch all movies of the Khans and this one should be no different. Everyone in my family is a huge SK fan so dekhna to banta hi hai.

Not expecting anything spectacular, just want it to be better than D2 which was horrendous.

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2 times is a given lets see if its good enough might watch it a 3rd time as well

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Thrice in multiplex...

answered by Casting Director (18k points)
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Once... With my family of 4...

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Will be twice for me... Can even be thrice

Ek baar first day.. after that with gf and after that with family...

Now it's an event for me.. no matter how the movie turns out to be...these are the last days/releases of the SUPERSTAR salman khan.. qnd I'm not about to miss out

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Its megastar Salman Khan movie. That's enough for me to go and watch first day first show. Yes i will try my best to watch first day first show. If not than first day night show is confirmed. And a sunday show also confirm with family.

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haha i feel like a bad person now for not donating anything

answered by Camera Operator (11.1k points)

haha....same here.....also fun is that Grand Nova bhi aik takka donate nhn karay ga aur swaal aisay poch rha hai

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I might donate a bit of my internet data to download it....depends on WOM.

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Prdp tubelight n Racr 3 only these 3 movies i did not donate but for D3 i wil donate once in multiplex..

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Ranjha Ranjha Kardi
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5 years almost, somebody please break Pk with a margin........

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Dude thats not gonna happen until the big stars star stop taking audience for granted and make movies for audience as a whole and not for particular fan bases or section of society. Aamir has mastered this thing. He doesn't make movies for his fans instead he make for audience as a whole because he knows only his fans are not enough for giving huge grosser like he has given. Somewhere or somehow the nuterals and even fans of other star has to come in play.
This year only War was one such attempt and even with such a weaker script it will go past 300cr. So, with little better attempt movies with Superstars and on right date can go pass the PK no easily.

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salman fans will watch this crap film but this film should be the last film of dabangg franchise but you never know what can happen as audiences have become unpredictable

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Nope. Any other question or confusion you have in life?


Lol chaman m not asking the question m telling u the same way u said abt sunny..


oh....okay....u r so smart....u always troll me n i never get that...silly me


Good for u now u can concentrate on ur gosh..

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