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+6 votes

Sudeep 1st look poster As Balli

Villain jitna bada ho, usse bhidne mein utna hi mazaa aata hai.

Introducing Sudeep Kiccha as Balli in 'Dabangg 3'.


in Cinematic Discussion by Assistant Director (44.2k points)
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11 Answers

+4 votes
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legend states it was a pitch black night stars no moon on the sky .... as if it was a night before apocalypse ..... storm was building on the horizon ..... then it started raining ..... lightening ..... typhoon earth started shaking ..... ground tumbling .....buildings crumbling ... and in that moment ....legend arbaaz khan with melting heart when he could take it no more....had an idea..... ..he got up from his charir with national anthem playing in the background.... turned his computer on ...... and it is said ....the legendary producer opened microsoft paint .....and made this poster as his masterpiece ...... aur ye ab amar ho jaye ga mona lisa ki tarha......

by Star (160k points)
selected ago by

Legend arbaaz khan with melting heart....lmaaooooooooo.


a true artist needs to have a sensitive side to him.... and arbaaz khan has the sensitivity of Picasso and obsession and depth of Tansen....he's a true scholar and poet living among us..... the mere mortals.....

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+2 votes

The chances of Dabangg 3 crossing SRK Films in 3 days is 100%
And the chances of Salman burning Srk Fans *** is 200%
My enjoyment level in seeing that happen will be 69.69%

by Assistant Director (48.5k points)

srk was greater than salman till most of their career and has more bumper openers than supporting actor and 2010 star as per records


Jaa na nikal be fake id

+2 votes

Hope they've seen KGF and add some mass scenes on those levels.

That's all I'm hoping from this movie. Story toh hogi nahi

by Unit Manager (35.9k points)
+2 votes

Jisne poster design ki tu hai tujh par..... i taught D3 Poster wil be superb bcoz Wanted had best Salman khan posters ever.. but this is shit kya hai ye bhojpuri movie kya.. Bollywood has mentality if ur making masala movie then its poster , song n look should be like bhojpuri movie.. behen ke sago see south masala movie poster songs trailer its grand like high budget movies..

by Unit Manager (32.8k points)
edited by
+1 vote

This looks nice. Its time the teaser also drops.

by Star (152k points)
0 votes

my excitement level is 27.45 % .....

by Location Scout (3.3k points)

Zero ke waqt kitna tha ...


zero ke waqt 100% excitement tha...lekin salman ki movie minus 1 % excitement per bhi 150 cr karti hai to socho 27.45% per kitna hoga...450 cr to magta hai bhai..


Sahi hai umeed ussi se karte hai jiski aukaat ho warna zero wale toh bahut hai


main bhi to yahi keh raha tha...lekin pata nahi meri complement ko bhi galat lete hai aur negative votes dete hai...

0 votes

I would say all this doesn't matter if the script is decent ...

by Editor (87.9k points)
0 votes

Hope Bali turns out to be among Gabbar,Shakal, Mogambo class of character

by Second Unit Director (78.4k points)
0 votes

Average poster.....

Negative vibes coming

by Assistant Director (50.2k points)
–1 vote

Who made this posters of D3. Basic level Photoshop lag raha hai. BTW Sudeep is a nice addition. His original voice should be used in the movie. He has dumdaar voice.

by Second Unit Director (78.5k points)
–2 votes

by Assistant Director (55.7k points)

Lollzz ye kya bhai


he initially asked how excited I was for a new D3 poster, and that gif shows my level of excitement appropriately