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If Khalid(Tiger Shroff) is dead 2 years before his intro scene then The guy we see in the opening scene(fight and all) is Sourabh?..

Technically, Khalid is dead in Morrocco Mission right?
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Yeah that was sourabh, the kind of buildup they gave to Khalid's character it felt wasted what they did after that...
Sourabh was like one of the Sidevillians of the movie and tiger played that role.
Aditya Chopra could have done better definitely, if not for this blunder the movie could have gone anywhere at the box office.

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He died in morocco mission before Kabir allegedly turned against his own intelligence agency so introduction scene of Tiger was not khalid but saurabh you are right

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Every flashback Tiger is Khalid and in every present day scene its Sourabh

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So khalid is dead even before the movie started?


Yeah and Sourabh was having his flashbacks don't know why?



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aditya chopra ne acha kata hai Audience ko
Ek insan uske trah Roop le skta hai chl maan liya Body & Awaj bhi nikal skta hai ...
But uske trah Fight kaise krr liya hahaha
You are right WAR ka Tiger wale Opening scene me Wo Saurabh rhta hai jo sbko marta hai aur wo BGM are bhai kya jabardast BGM hai prr jab Mai first time dekha tha to TIGER smjha tha dusri baar movie dekha to pata chla wo SAURABH hai lolz aur iski Entry HERO jaise krate hai waah re ADITYA CHOPRA ..
Mjhe to abhi bhi smjh nahi aa raha AUDIENCE ne ye movie accept kaise krr liya Lolz

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If Sunny uprooting hand pump and beating up 10 people is accepted, so can this be.

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